Call Generator

  • I have noticed the unrealistic calls popping up far too frequently. There is no reason that I should be getting 3 Giant Floods in less than 10 minutes. Is it possible to have regular calls come in, i.e medical emergencies, fire alarms, BLS collisions, etc? Or an option to turn off those kinds of missions to spawn. There are toggles to disable earthquakes and tornadoes, so why cant we disable Floods. I can handle the 2 To 3 box alarms in a minute, but there is no explanation for the floods. This is supposed to be a true-to-life game, with these things happening, it's hard to agree with that.

  • Unfortunately from what I have found, there isn't a way to turn off certain missions from spawning.

    One thing you could do is remove some stations or expansions from your dispatch center list in order to prevent that mission from spawning. But on the other hand to that, you won't be able to spawn a mission like Person hit by a jet ski if you turn off your water rescue expansion.

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