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  • Missionchief Forum/Chat Rules


    The Following types of postings are considered spam and are prohibited:

    a) Repeated posting with the same content

    b) Postings without content or meaning;

    c) Postings containing excessive amounts of smilies.

    d) Posting containing links to third party websites

    e) Posting more than once before another member has replied to your post; This includes "edits" and "updates", please use the edit tool to add these to your original post(Double-posting)


    a) An insult is any statement, remark, comment, or threat that offends anyone

    b) A derogatory or degrading statement, remark, comment, or threat of any kind

    c) A racist statement, remark, comment, or threat of any kind

    d) A sexist statement, remark, comment, or threat of any kind

    e) Any statement, remark, comment, or threat deemed an insult by a Moderator or Admin

    f) Any type of threat


    a) USING ALL CAPS IS CONSIDERED YELLING, please do not yell. Certain abbreviations are approved as acceptable, those are: EMS, FD, PD, THW, MICU, as well as state abbreviations i.e. KS, MO, NY, PA, CA, etc.

    4.Chat Partners

    a) Not everyone might want to chat with you or receive private messages (PM’s) from you. Please respect this, an unwanted chatting or pming is considered harassment


    a) The act of harassment, disturbing, pestering, or troubling repeatedly will not be tolerated. Harassment of ANY kind is not, and will not be tolerated.

    b) Any type of harassment is an automatic 30 day ban.

    c) Harassment of any kind to a moderator is an automatic 30 Day ban.


    a) Third party links are any links to other games, websites, or forums that do not have to do with, are not allowed in public chat. You can send links to other games, and other non-adult oriented websites, through pm’s as long as the person receiving the pm permits it.

    b) First party links are those links directly linking the parts of the game, i.e. to the forum, the game itself, or the wiki page

    c) Any link containing links to adult oriented sites whether it be in a pm, association chat, or public chat, is a violation and is an automatic 30 day ban


    a) Advertising in the forums is not allowed. This includes links to other games, as well as advertising for associations, or umbrella associations


    a) Bans can only be implemented by the Administrator only

    b) Certain bans you will be given warnings before the ban, other bans are immediate bans, any sexual, harassing, or threatening comment to a player or moderator is an automatic 30 Day Ban

    c) A list of reasons for bans, and their lengths will be posted on the wiki page (I’m thinking of removing this as it will give players too much power)

    9.Log Files

    a) The posting of log files, documents, PM’s and similar things without the expressed consent of all involved parties is not allowed.

    b) Log files can be used to see if/how many chat bans you may have, and how long they are for. It is also so the Moderators can see the same thing


    a) Posing as a Public Safety Official of any kind, i.e. Firefighter, Police or Sheriff’s Officer, EMT or Paramedic, Doctor, things of this nature, is considered false information, as well as is illegal, and the person will be banned, and if needed reported to the proper authorities.

    11.Other Prohibited Contents

    a) Content inappropriate for minors

    b) Sexual or pornographic content, including links to pages with such content

    c) Posts advocating violence

    d) Posts advocating the use of illegal drugs

    e) Copyrighted content

    f) Contents degrading any religion or the belief or non-beliefs of others

    g) Post(s) constituting a felony or misdemeanor or regulatory offense (according to German Law)

    12.“Deputy Mods”

    a) Although we are always glad if users keep an eye on things and report violations of the rules, warnings, bans and other measures will only be implemented by the Moderators or the Administrator of the game.

    b) No moderator should ever ask you to be or dub you a “Deputy Mod.”

    13.Violations in the Absence of Moderators

    a) If you observe any violations during the absence of all moderators, or if you receive inappropriate PM’s you can report them via PM only to a Moderator. By copying and pasting it into a PM to a Moderator

    14.Reporting Violations in the Absence of a Moderator

    a) If you are reporting a violation in the absence of a moderator, please only report it to one moderator. Try to find an online moderator if none available, then PM it to a moderator

    b) All reporting of any kind to a moderator needs to be done via PM, not in the public chat.


    a) The language in this chat is English (all standard national version or standard international English). Any other language spoken in public chat can/will result in a ban. Exception to this rule is posts in the Alliance Recruitment forum, for the benefit of non-English speaking alliances.

    b) Profanity will not be tolerated in the forums.

    16.Private Messages

    a) To private message a player, you click on their name, and then click on send.

    b) If the person you want to PM is not in the chat window, association, or umbrella window, and not in your friends list, open the friends list, and tape some or part of their name in the friends search tab. Once you see their name, click on it and a screen will pop up, then click send.

    c) If you feel you are being harassed via PM, let a/any moderator know, if no moderator is available, ask the person to stop, and report it via PM, to a moderator

    d) Sending of links, images, sexual content, or adult content is a violation of the game rules, if you receive any PM of this kind, report it to a/any moderator immediately

    17.Alliance Rules

    a) Each alliance is allowed to make their own rules for what type of talk is allowed in the alliance chat window, except for content of sexual nature, racism, religious beliefs or non-beliefs, and threats. Any violation needs to be reported to a moderator immediately.

    b) It is a violation to recruit from other alliances, a player can choose to seek out another alliance and leave the one they are in, this also needs to be done via PM

    18.Personal Information

    Important: No Moderator or Administrator will EVER ask you for your password. If you ever should receive a message requesting your password or any personal information, it is fake; you should not respond and report it to an Administrator or Moderator immediately.

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