MissionChief - Unofficial

  • Hi members of MC

    We are MissionChief - Unofficial, we are a group of members from several successful alliances. We have an alliance on all 24 platforms (countries) that MissionChief is available on.

    We have a discord server for all MCU members with access to a section purely for your country as well as a general chat for the whole community.

    We have our own custom bot that will remind you about your transports, give you tips & inform you about different things within our MCU alliance.

    Why should you join us.

    Daily Missions and weekly Storms

    Help and support for every player

    All types of vehicles to assist you with your calls

    Friendly staff and admins

    Regular social media updates (follow @MCU1st on twitter)

    Come and take a look around your can find us by searching for:

    MissionChief - Unofficial


    In your alliance list

    UK page 2

    Australia page 2

    USA page 14

    Portugal page 13

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