Call Spawing

  • Objectively there shouldn't be a difference as the station that creates the mission is chosen at random, the only difference could be due to POI placement that cause the creation of larger missions which stay open for a longer time, therefore creating the illusion of more calls in that area.

  • I know it is just a coincidence.....I am using my city as my game and of course I have all the fire houses, cops, ambulances,, and any kind of fire truck you could want. But.. A lot of the calls (medical) that are generated actually come up in areas where we have a high call volume. I placed various POIs around, but some of them never involve a call....yet I will routinely run calls to industrial facilities that really exist in the city and wildfires in areas that we normally run them

  • I think what you're confusing with is the game will never know what real life calls actually occur. I mean i get big farm fires in the middle of a big city. There's a limit to where the realism ends. When there's 24 platforms the developers can only do so much programming the rest is up to chance.

  • Unless you enabled "only use own POIs" it will also use the once from other alliance members.

    There used to be a function to check alliance POIs for correct placement but that has been disabled.

    Some POIs will create calls only at that exact location but POIs like city centre and forest have a radius in which the mission will be generated that could be cause for the correct creation of forest and medical missions.

    Also if multiple alliance members place a POI the chances obviously multiply for that location to create a mission.

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