New Vehicles

  • Wondering if you guys will be adding Straight Stick Ladder Trucks anytime soon. Have the choice of buying one that carries water or without water. I don’t want to use a tower or a quint, I want to build my next department like Chicago.

  • As indicated by Gooochy the Platform Ladder will do what you are looking for.

    Essentially you can use a "Platform Ladder" for any aerial apparatus without pumping capabilities or a "Quint" for any aerial with pumping capabilities. You can also customise the vehicle description if you do so choose.


  • Hi, its called a Platform truck for it to be vague so it could be a tiller, tower, aerial, straight stick ladder etc doubt this will be added

    A "Platform" Truck is an aerial with a basket/bucket on the end. Nothing vague about it. I would suggest that hklinger17 should do what I did... but the "Platform" truck that is available in the list and then when you choose the icon for it, pick from the many available that include straight sticks and tiller apparatus and then name them accordingly. I called the ones I wanted to be "platform" a Tower and the ones that were tiller or straight stick Truck. Then you can send any aerial to any call and it will meet the requirements..

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