Suggestions list (consolidated)

  • So to avoid "offending" anyone and inadvertently breaking some unwritten rule about older posts, i have consolidated the suggestions thus far. Feel free to continue to make your suggestions in new posts as there is now an active content team who meet regularly to discuss and facilitate content changes / inception.

    Australian Federal Police content
    Dignitary Protection should have a motorcycle component
    Make SES more realistic ( work in progress)
    Wildfire dedicated stations
    Inactive Alliance indicator
    Distances Shown in follow up mode
    Follow up units applied when using ARR's
    Make payouts more comparable across all platforms
    Translate the server down message to english
    Fix the "lag" when transporting prisoners
    Create HAZMAT pumpers and HAZMAT / BASU combinations

  • The “unwritten rule” is a common forum etiquette to allow new posts to get exposure and keep the forum from getting cluttered. It has been enforced, and will continue to be enforced since before I have been on the team for almost 4 years now.

    To forum users who may not know, take this as the rule post until the rules are updated.

    Bumping old threads is not allowed as it clutters the forum and stops new posts from getting exposure. The only threads where this doesn’t apply is the alliance recruitment threads as there should only be one thread per alliance. Repeated bumping of threads may result in action being taken and ultimately it could result in a ban.

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