Water Rescue Levels

  • While Water Rescue has been extensively discussed throughout the forum I don't think I've seen anyone suggest this particular aspect. In Scotland and I expect other services throughout the UK we operate on a Level 1-3 basis for Water Rescue. With L1 being basic and every station being trained in it, L2 being specially selected stations, and L3 being the Water Rescue Unit training. Similar to the recent public order update I'd love to be able to see levels similar to this represented within the water rescue update.

    For E.g. L1 Water Rescue training (game counterpart to IRL L2), can be used in smaller water rescue/flood missions and work just by training staff in pumps, L2 (game counterpart to IRL L3) is needed for the Water Rescue Vehicle.

    This just adds an extra layer of depth to the game, and I think this public order training-like system could work well in future updates such as Line/Rope Rescue (SWAHO/RRT) and as I've elaborated on, works well with Water Rescue.

  • I'd also like to see a HART WRU, and even though you probably won't find any in England, this is the UK version and thus it should cater to all parts of the country. Plus, an extra unit couldn't hurt could it?

    In relation to this, staff have already said they want to implement more things with duplicated uses just for variety & users' sake. SORT can accompany RNLI and are the primary inland water rescue unit with fire.

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