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  • currently this is my set up. i play semi realistic. STNS are in their real locations, but units number and names different.

    i have a total of 3953 units across the below STNS.... and growing.

    currently sorting out my set up where all STNS will have the same units (if yu get what i mean by this)

    i have one large police depot, working on how i want to approch this. what set up do i need etc. i try and keep it all level so each depot has the same units and personal in them.


    Fire Station759
    Ambulance Station129
    Police Station276
    Medical Helicopter Station6
    Police Aviation20
    HART Base16
    Foam Extension12
    Mass Casualty Extension5
    Police & Public Order Extension1


    Fire Officer166
    Rescue Support Unit (RSU)100
    Bulk Foam Pod95
    Traffic Car66
    Armed Traffic Car64
    Welfare Vehicle35
    Ambulance Officer34
    Mass Casualty Equipment34
    Aerial Appliance30
    Police helicopter17
    HazMat Unit10
    CBRN Vehicle9
    Water Carrier8
    ATV Carrier8
    Heavy 4x4 Tanker6
    Ambulance Control Unit5
    Water Ladder5
    Rescue Pump1
    Mounted Unit1
  • Out of interest, what are the perks of CARPs over regular water ladders, can they do the same/more jobs? are they worth buying over ladders?

  • Out of interest, what are the perks of CARPs over regular water ladders, can they do the same/more jobs? are they worth buying over ladders?

    The CARP is a combined aerial ladder and pump so satisfies the requirement for both at jobs. The rescue pump does the same but satisfies the requirement for a rescue unit and pump. And on that note, the heavy 4x4 tanker satisfies the requirement for a water carrier and pump simultaneously. As for if they're all worth buying - it depends! For me, I play realistically so if they go there IRL, I'll add them. If you play in a 'sandbox' kind of way then it is probably worth getting them, all be it at a higher cost and a later stage in the game (5m credits earned).

  • Personally I find rescue Pumps way more usefal then CARPs as the UK version doesn't require many aerials however does require quite a few Rescues

    With regards to rescue pumps I quite often can’t make up my mind.

    On one hand a vast majority of pumps in my area are rescue pumps, whilst only a few (most often retained or second pumps) are simply water ladders.

    On the other hand, using rescue pumps would mean I wouldn’t need my specialist rescue teams as rescue pumps would be there way before them and would for fill the role in the game. However, in real life these rescue teams are sometimes essential.

    At the moment I’m sticking with just having the specialists as rescue to try to be realistic but sometimes run into issues when I have a lot of calls requiring rescue. Especially when they’re on opposite sides of my area.

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