Vehicle driving towards traffic (fast road)

  • Thanks for this nice mission, it requires 6 patrol cars 2 RPU units so in theory I think 5-7 police stations 1 rescue station (because if the patient) , other then that lovely mission, Thanks a ton

    edit: sorry to post in US forum can a moderator move it, also could the mission expand into RTCs rather then have a paitent on this one, thanks

  • Hey sorry to double post today's mission is missing stations as well today's one looks like it should need 2 Fire Stations

    And vehicle driving towards traffic is also missing stations still

    That aside these are some really nice missions and thank you to the team for them

  • The team are working really hard on creating content for the UK version.

    Whilst I understand that some missions do not have for example "1 x Ambulance station required" it does not cause any major issues.

    It will be sorted but in my opinion its not high on the list to add a 1 x station requirement to a small mission.

  • Sorry to double post but fire in a care home & fire alarm in care home are both m8ss8ibt stations, I don't really mind if it's a single vehicle mission but if its a medium-large one like the fire in care home, fire alarm in care home, vehicle wrong way fast road call etc because they all have more then 1 vehicle, say the broken ankle it's fine not having stations because it has generated by ambulance station however if a call needs more then one recourse and you have say only fire stations but the mission is missing the stations, then you have a bigger issue.

    Also imo this should be checked before release.

  • Gooochy,

    The missions are released exactly as they are intended, after due care and consideration is provided to their requirements. If a mission does not have station requirements, the mission has been determined to not need station requirements. This thread is closed and further reports on this matter will be disregarded.

    "Also imo this should be checked before release."

    In my opinion, your posts should be checked for typos before release.

  • Gavin876

    Closed the thread.

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