Retirement home fire

  • I have an idea for a mission since this is happening more then once might i suggest retirement home fire for that you would need 2 heavy rescue vehicles 1 mobile command vehicle 3 patrol cars 6 fire trucks and an ambulance also 2 battalion chief units should be sent to that call please let me know what you think

  • I think that might be too many units, here in the UK a lot of the car homes are built very well and when there is a Fire it is often contained to 1 or 2 rooms so you would usually get no more than 4 fire trucks and maybe a chief, I haven't seen a care home fire in which police need to attend unless it's a large incident. I do however agree that there should be chance of 1/2 casualties though. I think this mission should be spawnable by POI as I don't want a care home Fire in a field.

  • it all depends on the areas alarm response regulations and standard operating procedures i know here in australia it has a resnebly high response size expecially after recent and fatal nursing home fires

    True, unfortunately due to budget cuts here, pre determined responses are becoming smaller or in some cases a thing of the past. A lot of the time they will only send 1 Pump unless it's a confirmed fire by the caller. Obviously if the caller phoned up and said there is a fire in the kitchen and its spread into the roof it would be dispatched accordingly but if the fire alarm activated they may only send 1 Pump and if it is then confirmed as a fire the incident commander can request more resources.

    There was an incident near me recently that was a camper van on fire in a work shop and originally 2 pumps went and then scaled it up to a make pumps 4 incident and eventually it was scaled up to a make pumps 6-7 incident.

    It all depends on the local authority and there budgets for example London will have a bigger budget than Suffolk so they might do some things differently.

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