Content Pack - Quality of Life

  • As a team we do our best to bring the content that the community wants, unfortunately this also means the suggestions for improvements get pushed aside by the DEVs to cater for the new packs.

    For the next update we want to push a "quality of life" content pack to the DEVs in the hope we can finally get all the things asked for including the improvements with ARRs and more.

    In order to help us put together this pack we're asking the community to highlight all requests on this thread below.

    Please do not duplicate posts.

    Put your requests below (for any part of the game).

  • Improved Alliance Education system. Ways to set courses of in a more managed way instead of having to visit each school separately.

    Improved Alliance Building Managment, have a dispatch style type building to allow attachment of alliance buildings so that tax levels can be adjusted easily across a range of them.

    Improved staff features alliance management features for example give staff option ability to manage chat and messages area. Provide a customisable colour for staff tags.

    Fix the EMS stand down system and make it ONLY stand down ambulances.

    Add a loan system for alliances where they can loan credits with ability to set repayment rates and interest rates. To prevent abuse if a person leaves the alliance then they have the entire remainder of loan removed from their account even if it puts them into a debt situation.

    Add vehicle maintenance based of milage we already have it as a feature so could add on a way that triggers servicing after a set point.

    Add vehicle sales, currently just deleting them is not great and is a waste. A refund based of milage could work alternatively sales of vehicles between members could be good too.

    More realistic staffing options (the system discussed before on here sounds good)

    EDIT: Game chat could we have it so that we could manage chat more and a way that members can have an option to turn off missions from appearing in their chat screen. So those that want it on can have it on and those that don't can have it off. Alternatively could we have a mission chat tab and a general chat tab?

    That's just from memory what we have discussed at UKER that would help. Sure there is stuff I've missed. However I doubt fhe Dev team will do any of these requests and if they do no doubt it will be done in a way that is completely different from what the content team come up with in here and can guarantee that some will be designed to be content needing coins for those that are not large players or part of a substantial alliance.

  • Custom ARRs. I would like to see a option were a player could create a custom arr so basically the way it could work is you can add a "Rapid Response Vehicle ARR" the player could decide if you want only RRVs deployed

    Or GP, RRV, CFR, Co Responders, JRU, AO etc another example is if you want a arr to only pick up a IRV or Only WL if that makes sense? Also being able to edit the premade ones would help alot aswell

    1. Fix the staffing on Medical Helicopters - Min 3 personnel (Pilot, Flight Nurse, Paramedic) and add training to the training academy for these positions
    2. fix the duplicate units showing up on the response tabs
    3. Fix the ambulances being released before confirming patients need transport
    4. Allow Game Wardens to Transport
    5. Allow Forestry Fire Stations (and allow the transfer in of existing units)
    6. Allow Federal Police Officers to Transport
    7. Two (2) motorcycle cops should replace 1 patrol car
    8. Change the apparatus requirement for ladder trucks instead of Tower Ladder so that Quints can count as a Ladder response
    9. Combine the Dozer and Trailer to pull it for wildland. Keep the heavy equipment operator requirement
  • Compiled a few things off the top of my head, and from a few friends.

    - Fix auto EMS standdown for multiple units (RRV, GP, Community First Responders, MCU, Ambulance Officers, and Welfare)

    - Better notes system

    > Notes directly attached to buildings

    > Admin notes on players within the alliance that all admins can see (Eg, can add a note "Been spoken to for being rude"), so that other admins can see this and take further action the next time.

    - Typo fix on the 4 "Railway Embankement Fire" -> "Railway Embankment Fire".

    - Search mission list by user who shared, not just mission name or location.
    - Fix staging areas making loads of units disappear if you send lots to them

  • Change the timing on the daily alliance missions and weekly alliance event - this will help alliances with large player bases to better coordinate the free missions/events instead of the slow creep in lateness of missions and events that we see currently i.e.:

    Daily: instead of 24 hours after the last free mission, trigger it to be allowed to run once per day resetting at midnight local time
    Weekly: Instead of 7 days after the last free event, trigger it to be run once per week, resetting at midnight local time on Sunday

    - Allow admins and co-admins to delete messages typed into the in-game chat box

    - Fix the mass casualty unit bug that sees patients become stuck in it on missions unable to be treated or transported until the MCU is released.

    - In the board (MC forums), allow admins/co-admins and "moderator action log" members to mass delete posts instead of one at a time.


    - Allow unused Alarm and Response Categories to be hidden from view (declutters A&RR view if multiple categories created)

    - Increase the amount of timed missions available to the player, dependent on the # of stations built by that player

    - An option to automatically create alliance courses daily

    - An ability to bulk select players in the player list to modify options and/or admin rights

    - Addition of different search options in the alliance members list (admins and co-admins) to more easily separate players via options like earned credits, length of time away from the game, contribution rate, roles, captions etc.

    - An option to automatically change player discounts depending on their contribution rate

  • I've been looking at the patrol system and how I might want to see it changed, I'm sure everyone has their own preferences but just to throw an idea out there that can be discussed and edited if necessary, I've compiled all my preferred changes to patrol in this post.

    Patrol Changes: (Purple indicates premium feature)

    Each Police & Amb Station (or fire station with amb expansion) has its own Patrol tab, showing patrol vehicles available at that station, routes created specifically for that station, and the following options for each route:

    • Dispatch Currently Selected Patrol Vehicle/s: In the Patrol Tab list of available vehicles, one or more vehicles may be selected by the player. When they have been selected, using this option will assign them all to the corresponding route.
    • Dispatch Random Patrol Vehicle: This option would randomly assign an available patrol vehicle from the station to the selected route.
    • Dispatch Assigned Patrol Vehicle/s: Patrol routes may be assigned one or more dedicated patrol vehicle/s which will automatically be dispatched without needing to be selected on each occasion the player wishes to start a patrol.

    • Schedule Selected Vehicle Patrol Times: This option would allow the player to schedule the selected vehicle/s patrols in a 24hr period. At the stated start time, all selected vehicle/s will be dispatched to patrol the selected route for the time-period assigned by the player.

    • Schedule Random Vehicle Patrol Times: This option would allow the player to schedule random vehicle patrols in a 24hr period. At the stated start time, a random vehicle will be dispatched to patrol the selected route for the time-period assigned by the player.
    • Schedule Assigned Vehicle Patrol Times: This option would allow the player to schedule assigned vehicle patrols in a 24hr period. At the stated start time, all assigned vehicle/s will be automatically dispatched to patrol the selected route for the time-period assigned by the player.

    Alongside the three options for each route, two further options are available in the Patrol tab for each station:

    • Dispatch Random Patrol Vehicle to Random Patrol Route: This option will select a random patrol vehicle and dispatch it to a random patrol route.
    • Dispatch all available patrol vehicles to random patrol routes: This option would send all patrol vehicles from the selected station to begin random patrols.

    This has been suggested in the past but I think it would be SO SO amazing to have in game and allow realistic players to be able to have a more enjoyable game.

    The ability set the mission speed for fire, EMS and police separately as well as the overall speed for all.

    This would be useful as a few major fire calls can completely knock out the fire service and means you have to slow down. Whilst you only have a few medical calls and ambulance have nothing to do. Realistic ambulances would have huge stacks of calls unlike other services (for the most part)


    Again this has been mentioned and I think POI locations were suggested as a way to do this.

    Being able to create an area which you cover so that it’s not just based on around your stations but means you can cover whatever area you realistically would. In real life especially rural counties stations can be very far apart meaning a lot of areas don’t get calls.

  • change the required on fire missions from "Platform Truck" to Ladder Truck and allow a quint to meet that requirement as long as it is not responding as an Engine. In the graphic packages you can pick from Tractor Drawn, Tower ladders, straight trucks and more. That way having a ladder truck will meet the need and you can make it whatever you like in the game

  • Thank you for all the suggestions. Please keep them coming. Suggestions will be filtered into 4 main categories, UK, US, AU, MC (Whole) and then will be split down more. Id like to not focus as much on changing names and things like that as this is more about quality of life updates that effect overall gameplay rather than specific units.

  • Ability to have multiple stages. Potentially place limit on distance to prevent abuse if necessary. However, it'd be nice to be able to send units to stage in areas where multiple other big players are in a large alliance. Stages after the first could also have a cost to make it fairer.

  • Hey all,

    Great suggestions, keep them coming!

    The deadline is End of this friday PCT / Saturday 8am UK time.

    When the deadline has been reached the thread will be locked and as a team we will go through all suggestions made on here/Facebook group.

    Please can we ask that you refrain from responding to other posts in the thread, this just increases the time it will take us volunteers to sort through the thread.

    Any posts that are responding to others or are duplicates will be deleted if not already.

    To show you agree or disagree with a suggestion please remember you can use the "react" option.

    The DEVs are aware that this content pack is being created and the plan for it to be next hence the deadline.

    Any issues please get in touch with a member of the team :thumbup:

  • The ability to search ‘shared missions’ by player name.

    This could be useful for smaller members who know that ‘Dave’ shares high value missions and if part of a large alliance and do not use LSSM saves them time and therefore as they’re earning more probably retains some of the smaller player base!

  • An option at fire stations to send other appliances on cover would be good. It could maybe work like a staging area, where the vehicle would be available as it travels to the station then goes status 2 when at the station.

    For example, if appliance A is out, then appliance B from another station could be sent on cover. When appliance A returns to station, appliance B is then released from the station and travels back to its own station. To avoid this being abused, maybe a time limit could be added, so appliances automatically travel back to their own station after an hour or so.

    Appliances could be sent on cover via a tab on the station, as pictured below. It could display the 5 closest water ladders for example.

  • Better/easier management of cancellable pending transports of alliance members. There's no easy to filter through hundreds of missions, find the ones with patients, then see which have transports, then see which could be cancelled. A seperate "dashboard" showing the transports for example, would be nice.

  • I would like to see courses that don't end up with any participants cancelled and that classroom become available again for use, instead of running empty as some large alliances put up a set amount of courses each day for people to use.

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