More use for Police Sgt & Inspector

  • After the last update with increased police training/roles, is there any interest in using them for existing missions?

    Do you think that the duty inspector ought to tip out for, say, a firearms attack (major incident) or that a sergeant should go and have a look at a stabbing on their patch?

  • I'd love to see existing missions updated with requirements, maybe this could be considered for the quality of life update. I know it's been historically hard to get the older missions updated though so I wouldn't get your hopes up for it to happen anytime soon.

    When the PSU update came out I suggested the large public disturbance be updated and it was so theres the chance of it happening with other missions. Some of the larger police missions like stabbings firearms attacks and any firearm/weapon related call to require sgts/insp if the player has them

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