Critical care training for fire crews

  • so with only having 1 ambulance stations and 1 hart station which I can have ambulances with critical care trained in, but I have 5+ fire station with ambulance extension but not able to train the crews in critical care is a nightmare. Would be better if we could train the fire station ambulance crews in critical care so we don't have to wait ages for another ambulance or hems to come and help.

  • Personally I disagree with adding critical care to fire stations the vast majortity off the critical care units are stationed at larger ambulance stations & may patrol around or will respond form home via the HRLs where you can train them in critical care usually when ambulances are based at a fire stations in real life it is only 1 or 2 ambulances and maybe a rrv. Critical Care most likely will not happen irl but I can see it being useful In game.

  • Given the relative proportions of jobs that require it, isn't 'critical care' in MC more akin to paramedic than real CC?

    The way it works yes, and is how I have set it up. Every ambulance I have has at least one critical care trained staff on it.

    I do not use the fire ambulance extension as feel it's a waste of fire spaces (not that I use them all yet) and doubt I ever will as find that with playing realistic locations I can cover ambulances better with larger ambulance stations, just now most have minimum 5 ambulances and my busier area they have 10 per station plus then a few clinics are used too.

  • I'd like to see Critical Care as an option to train staff at the Fire Stations. Especially given that a lot of them in Wales are dual service. We had Fire - HART Training, so why cant we facilitate having Critical Care staff training under the Fire umbrella too? Equally, in the US I cant run useful Ambulances without turning off Critical Care as most of them run from the Fire Departments. (And before someone tells me this is the UK game, I know but some have expanded over there).

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