• I need help finding something that I tried in LSSM and now cannot find where to undo it. I believe it is LSSM 4. The thing I am looking for is how to stop the vehicle list from hiding. Right now I have the hide and show vehicle list.

  • I figured out why I could not find it, but it is another problem. I have the tab for Extended Alarm Window on in the AppStore, however, it does not show up when I go to settings. The tab is not there. Any ideas on that?

    I have tried turning off and on and it still will not show up in the LSSM settings.

    I just figured out the problem. When I went into Tampermonkey, there were two LSSM 4 enabled which must have happened with the update. I deleted one of them and all is working fine now. Thanks for the help!

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