Released Units

  • To the developers/moderators/administrators......whomever

    The problem with releasing units seems to have spread. Recently on incidents such as road accidents, homicides, and various others, I have sent ambulances when it even shows there is a patient only to have a unit on scene request an ambulance later as the ambulance is cancelled. It also occurs with police vehicles. Incidents where I know from past experience a police car is needed, I send a unit and it gets cancelled and then is "needed" after units arrive. I even had it where I sent a command vehicle to a call where one was required and it was released only to be requested. I know this has been reported but it seems to be worse

  • Sure it's a case of units being released and not a unit being added to a mission as does happen from time to time. Also some missions don't require an ambulance until after the main mission has been completed.

    Yes.....I am sure as I have been paying attention to when it happens. There us no change in the mission, just units released that are disapatched.

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