HEMS Transfers

  • I would love to see more use for hems and one of the interesting methods I think would be interesting is a patient transfer from clinics to hospitals. I know in the south east hems does patient transfers to London and would be a nice addition to the game and a better use of hems to make it worth its while.

  • Inter-hospital transfers are on the list of missions I submitted a short while back so fingers crossed!

    Obviously it's down to the DEVs if they implement it.

    If it does get put into action I'll then push for HEMS transfers too.

    I've not known of a HEMS transfer from MIU to Acute hospital however I have been involved myself with HEMS/SAR Aircraft transfers for various medical/trauma calls.

    MTCs were put forward and the DEVs decided to not go with it however we will keep pushing for an improvement to the hospitals.

  • The problem with hems transfers is the way hems works in the uk game it must be acompanied by a ambulance so if a hems transfer was added you'd have to send 1x DCA ontop of the helicopter. I wish it could be changed but its okay i guess

    In game yes however IRL incorrect.

    As I've said above, we will see if the generic mission put forward and then we will go from there.

    I am now locking this thread, a suggestion has been made together with it being taken on board for future proposal.

  • Alctw10

    Closed the thread.

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