New HART Requirements

  • A few days ago (18th I think?) the devs updated some missions retrospectively to have extra HART and extra foam units required. However, there's no increase in station requirement.

    Example, Light Aircraft Crash
    Variation A requires 1 HART station. Units needed, 1 ATV, 2 PRV, 2 SRV.
    Variation AC requires 1 HART station. Units needed, 2 ATV, 4 PRV, 4 SRV.…ze/72?additive_overlays=a…e/72?additive_overlays=ac

    This is just one example, a lot of missions were changed with similar effects to this. Could the spawn requirements for the larger one be increased?

    Also while I'm here, with this change, comes two variation of some missions, but with differing pay. See:…ze/72?additive_overlays=a…ze/72?additive_overlays=c

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  • To be honest I personally hate the fact they added the 4 PRV 4 srv 2 atv

    Majority of hart bases have 2 PRV 2 SRV 1 Welfare 1 ATV (and the carrier) some may have a forward command unit or more CBRNe type units but the vast majority do not have 4 PRV and 4 srv 2 atv. And its not like theirs a lot of hart bases either for example South Central Ambulance Service has 1 Hart base for I want to say 3 or 4 counties it covers. And it doesn't have that many units ( I think) However in Kent there is 1 for the county and it definitely doesn't have that many units.

    In my set up I have 2 hart Teams (form 1 base) Consisting of 2 PRV 2 SRV 1 welfare 1 atv carrier I acu 1 CBRNe 1 MCE 1 AO thats both my teams gone

    Too add in to the fact of the same vairents with differing pay. Can we just delete the lower paying 1 as it is unessary

    Edit: could the vairent with double the normal units be removed I am not sure why it even was added but the Hart requirement already spawns to much but now the devs are making it a unfair amount of units

  • Some calls IRL will require more than 2 PRV, 2 SRV, 1 ATV, 1 Welfare.

    I myself have been involved with some calls where 2 full HART teams have been deployed so it does happen.

    Granted I'm not sure why the requirement has been changed for the mission used as an example, I think the DEVs done this part without consulting as I certainly haven't been made aware as the CA for the service.

    We'll get this sorted.

  • Is there any update on this as this is draining my rescources every single time this spawns, the game already spawns a emense about of HART Jobs how is this fair on players if it requires double the normal units and the units that are doubled are already streched thin for most players. Can we please get this corrected?

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