Carbon Monoxide Leak (Medium)

  • Looks like the mission title still has the {Large) designation that was attached to it when it was proposed as Small>Large>Major but since it was released as Small>Medium>Large it just needs the title corrected.

    Also - can we get all of the carbon monoxide leaks as an expansion from the carbon monoxide alarm call?

  • First off, Thank you for the original mission suggestion Alasizon - I'm loving the community involvement in bringing in missions to the game.

    I put them in as Small, Large, Major - but it seems the Major (both non-overlay and FPO overlay) had been entered erroneously as "Large"

    IDs: 752 & 752/a

    As for the Carbon Monoxide Alarm, I do not believe that I can link these calls. The Carbon Monoxide alarm call does NOT use a POI to determine location, unlike the calls you recommended. Alternatively, I could possible see if I can clone the "Carbon Monoxide Alarm" call to a "Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Commercial/Institution" which can expand outward. Thoughts?

    Thank you,

  • Happy to propose them, we've added a lot of more realistic missions the past couple months and it is noticeable, at least to me.

    Good point about the POI, I didnt think about that. Perhaps a Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Fire Alarm System) call then for the POIs that allows an expansion into these missions?

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