Foam tender

  • The foam tender no longer has a Gal water amount listed.

    I have tested this just now and when it arrives on mission it doesn’t add any water to the mission requirements

    The error is that the foam tender is still selected by Alarm response regulations as water tanker. Can we please either have the water added back to the foam tender or have it removed as a water tanker

  • I am glad I have read this, I have a similar issue.

    When I select the AAR for Tanker for a major wildfire it selects the foam unit also. Also, I am not understanding the statement below...I have foam tenders checked but they are still responding in the place of regular water tankers. Second, why does the Pumper Tanker not respond as a tanker but can be used as one?

    "Only dispatch vehicle as own vehicle class. (If this box is ticked then the vehicle will only be dispatched as the custom class. If you wish to still have this vehicle dispatched as it’s original class as well, leave this unticked)"

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