Locations in Los Angeles

  • Hi, I don't know of any non LAFD ambulance stations, anyone know of any private ambulance stations? Wouldn't it be a bit expensive if you were to build an ambulance station for 100k and there is only one car there?

    For LA County, the big three are AMR, McCormick and CARE each with their own exclusive operarting zone.

    When I built them out, CARE had a few that were single unit and McCormick and AMR each had one so it wasnt too terrible of a waste of credits in the name of realism.

  • CARE, Mayfair, Shaefer, McCormick, Elite {the worse}, Liberty, Royality, Med-Trans, AMR does not have a contract with county fire it has ended. L.A. County does have their own ambulance service that's provided by Department of Health Services, they are not affiliated with LA County Fire Department

    Who took over the high desert and Santa Clarita from AMR? Last I knew, AMR still had the EOA 1 contract.

  • I believe AMR has around 5 response bases in SC, to be honest I'm not sure if there are other ambulance services there with McCormick or CARE, I was told by a friend who is a dispatcher for LA County Fire on Blue-1, he said their AMR contract has ended and the primary EMS transports are CARE and McCormick (this was back in spring2022). Thats what he had told me but it's just a game I still use AMR in game along with other EMS bases. a lot changes monthly and would be ridiculous to keep updating all your building status as departments in California do change out where rigs are based at as seasonal. I'm retired now so I'm a bit out of the loop on day to day operations.

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