Ambulance Missions with lots of patients

  • I wish they would update the system like the paitent is removed 2 hours after arrival (to simulate them going to another dept) and to balance out instead of one per hour everyone who goes in comes out 2 hours later.

    You did give me an idea to suggest, but wanted to hear from the community first.

    If you send your patient to a hospital with the correct department, then maybe a quicker release time (to simulate they were transferred to the appropriate department) OR 5 beds in the specific department for ONLY patients that need that department.


  • EMS-Chief

    I think a shorter time at an appropriate facility would make the most sense to me, but either option could be agreeable.

    I don’t mind balancing patient loads between my hospitals, as I chose to deliberately make “accurate” hospitals for my areas of play. It becomes hard though when I try to be a team player and share my facilities only to have someone cap out a trauma center… then I have to be a jerk and either hide hospitals or up my fee to make it less painful on myself.

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