Water Rescue Stations vs Coastal Rescue Stations

  • I decided against doing them even though I have coastal areas as I was concerned they would become an outrageous number of incidents like the flooding incidents. But since the game does not recognize water vs land (obviously) I guess I am luck that I have only had a couple boat incidents even though I don't have the stations. The number of missions generated by coastal rescue seem to be normal in frequency.

  • Personally, I’d like to see the water rescue dock phased out our have the same boats available as a coastal dock.

    I may be off base, but I believe the medium boat can cover light boat requirements on calls? If that’s correct it should be available in both.

    I get that water rescue works very different elsewhere in the world, but it’s very frustrating to have fireboats, and dedicated water rescue boats that cannot handle or even be required on around 90% of calls that spawn in the water. I have to tie up my rescues constantly on calls that are within very close range and real life capability of my rescue and fire boat docks.

  • Coastal Rescue is far different from Swift Water Rescue.

    Coastal Rescue is a combination of Lifeguard and Coast Guard so that Players can decide how they want their Coastal Rescue Stations set up. Swift Water Rescue is based on the Fire/Rescue Departments.

    Different ideas and opinions have been taken and duly noted. I'm sure there will be more changes and features coming in the future. What they are I cannot say however.

    Now with Swift Water Rescue, That isn't being fazed out in any way. Missions Packs are being created to include that as well as Fire Boats. Large Rescue Boats are also being discussed as to how they can be further used and improved.

  • I have no issue with swift water rescue. The issue is flat water and routine water rescue mission, ie drownings. Which I get are POI driven and can be put anywhere, but like in my buildouts are usually in large navigable waterways… where in real life you’re using the boats that are available, and not launching a swift water team.

    Its just been a bit confusing as the water rescue dock was originally implemented to replicate a coast guard like agency.

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