Tactical Medics

  • The Tactical Paramedic introduction was based on the Paramedic Services Provider, these paramedics are operational paramedics who work with their respective ambulance services but when a tactical call comes in, will attend the scene under the cover of the gun team and at the direction of the Gun team Sgt/Commanding Officer.

    As the vehicle is an ambulance based vehicle, it is based out of paramedic services stations.

    They have specialised training to work with the gun team. They run with the paramedic services and can transport patients (as they have a fully operational ambulance.

    This is different from a SWAT Team Medic, these individuals are SWAT/ETF?TRU members (sworn members) with TCCC and other tactical medicine training, but these personnel do not run ambulance calls and a generally the go-between between the hot zone and an awaiting paramedic ambulance.

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