EMS Standdown

  • I am reporting this again in hopes that the developers will somehow see it. And before anyone asks or jumps on me, I did report it to tech support and NO I do not have the automatic standdown released.

    I routinely send ambulances to calls where the information is that there is a "minimum of XXX patients" only to find that I go back and the mission is not completed because said ambulance(s) were released, This is very apparent in police missions where there are shootings, stabbings, hostages, brawls and such. The mission clearly states there is a "minimum of 6 patients". Since this seems to be a fire based and police based programs where it only tells you the number of patients and no ambulances are "required" on missions it creates a delay in finishing missions. Even on Medical calls, it only tells you the number of patients but does NOT say an ambulance is "required".

    I thought at one point someone said this bug was fixed but apparently it is not. Can we please see if the developers can help?

  • You have submitted this numerous times and have been told numerous times to contact the app support channel. You are the only person experiencing this that we know of. Please stop repeat posting the same thing over and over, it is really not necessary.

    You also posted this on the Australian forum.

    This thread is closed.

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