Couple of suggestions

  • #1When you build a staging area and send units to it you can click one button and release all those units at one time. Why not have a similar feature so that when you build a volunteer fire station, you can click one button and put the "delayed" time in for all units instead of having to do each one individually? Just an Idea

    #2 For HEMS (in the US Version) Increase the staffing level to 3 minimum. In the US anytime and anywhere I have ever worked or volunteered the Medical Helicopter comes with a Pilot, a Flight Nurse and a Paramedic. Again....just a suggestion

  • I have random delay times across my volunteer stations by adding random shift times , this means sometimes they can crew and sometimes that cannot so during the day when vollies work, the truck may be unavailable and have to be backed up by a career truck nearby. also have Career pump button on turnout button to have the nearest truck to a volly station respond

  • I see some new additions or upgrades are nice to see how they work out. But a couple of thoughts here

    1. Will will we be able to add the smoke jumpers to existing Firefighting Plane Stations?
    2. The upgrade mentions "commandos" how does that relate to fire fighting?
    3. Any possibility of adding the requirement of a firefighting plane or helicopter to Wildfires or Forest Fires?
    4. Any possibility of adding a dozer requirement to wildfires or forest fires?

    Couple suggestions

    • When you look at the available units in the US version their response times are shown in either minutes or miles and you can click on "calculate" and it shows you minutes. Is it possible to have the distance to hospitals changed to miles in the US Version?
    • Any more thoughts or feedback on increasing hospital beds to at least 40 and clinics to 15? I have tons of hospitals and will all the mass casualty incidents generated, I routinely fill of the closest hospitals and can't transport to others as they are out of range.
    • To go along with that is it "possible" to increase the distance that an EMS Chief can transport to 300 KM and also change it to miles? (for mass casualty and certain critical cases, it would not be uncommon to transport 186 miles. Especially if you have run out of rooms at all closest hospitals.

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  • Hello,

    So without giving too much away. To answer your questions,

    1. Yes, You will be able to.

    2. Commandos is just a way of phrasing them.

    3. That is being discussed but hopefully yes.

    4. That I am not sure atm, More information will be given as it arises.

    For your suggestions:

    -That might be a possibility, Will be discussed among the team.

    -At the moment I am not sure where we are at with hospital bed expansions, This is something the team needs to look into. Thank you for asking about that as it is something players have asked for.

    -Again that is also something that needs to be looked into for the EMS Chiefs. All of this I have noted down and will discuss among the team and see where we are at with them.

    Thank you for reaching out and bringing all of this up!


  • 2 Things I wish to say

    1st: What is a commando/smoke jumper?
    2nd: The UK game got hospital increased to 40 beds so why not US?

    A Smokejumper is a HOTSHOT or Wildland Firefighter that is delivered to the fire via plane and parachutes in....often in places where the is NO vehicle access. According to Jerseybirds "commando" is another name they are apparently called, although I am involved in the Wildland "stuff" and have not heard that term used

    Mission Chief - In Game Division Chief

    Professionally having my posts deleted since 2022!8)<3

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