• wouldn't it be nice if all types of Engines and Platforms could treat BLS types of calls w/o having to send an Ambulance to every medical call? having the engine's platforms treating minor stuff then request an Ambulance if needed for transporting. I have a friend in Washington state and he says most of their minor medical calls an Engine or truck gets dispatched and if it requires more of an ALS request then a medic response.

  • Back when we came out with the EMS Update there was a course released for ALS Fire Apparatus Training. It's purpose was to treat patients with ALS needed care however only works for the EMS Engine Ambulance.

    For some reason that training course won't work for any other Fire Apparatus in the Game. It's still being looked into as to why. Eventually we'll have that figured out. Sorry for the inconvenience though! As a Player myself I'd like nothing more than for this as well.


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