A few suggestions

  • Suggestions

    1. Ability to see how many times a unit has been dispatched in a day, week, month, or year. And all time. This is done in real life by people in the industry and would allow us to better plan expansions. (IE Ambulance 1 Made 100 runs this week, but Ambulance 7 Made 365 runs so I should add a new ambulance at station 7)

    2. Custom callout packs, you can create callout packs. Using the same system to make alliance missions but they generate automatically like normal callouts

    3. prisoner transport van for PD (basically police mass casualty)

    4. police supervisor unit, acts like an EMS chief

    5. Change EMS transports to use the same system as prisoner transports

    6. Add in prisoner transfers. Like the EMS ones.

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