Station Backfilling

  • We really need an easy way to backfill stations. Sure, some people wouldn't use it, but personally I think it would really be helpful. Massive calls can deplete resources in a large area very quickly and response times skyrocket. Building staging areas at each location can take a long time and is less user-friendly than a self-contained backfill menu would be. I think what would work really well would be a way to tell the backfilling unit to stay at the station it's sent to until the unit normally based there returns to service at that station. This could even be implemented on a larger scale within alliances to simulate mutual-aid backfills instead of being limited to drawing from your own jurisdiction's resources. Just my 2 cents.

  • I'd ignore that boden he knows nothing of fire service

    Would guess your comment violates the TOS. But, anyway, the idea has been brought up over and over and over again and the admins have said that it would not happen in the game. And for the record, I have been in the fire service for 52 years. Happy New year

    Mission Chief - In Game Division Chief

    Professionally having my posts deleted since 2022!8)<3

  • Simple solution, build an extra bay into every station and simply move available assets to the station with the empty bays. The only down side is currently you cannot dispatch and truck in transit in move mode, or more between stations with special expansions.

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