Quickly Expanding/Upgrading

  • I started playing the game about 4 months ago. I have 6 Fire Stations, a station set to wildfire only, 1 Fire Marshal, and 1 Ambulance Station. I am not trying to match everything with real life. Lately, I've been wondering if I can progress faster. I've been adding stations by waiting until the previous has 3 engines, 2 quints, a heavy rescue, a battalion chief, and a mobile air for every 2 stations. Would it be faster to build a new station before I buy 7 vehicles per station? Perhaps when my previous station has made it to 4 or 5 vehicles?

  • I always went for more stations as that is what will unlock you to get bigger and better paying missions. You can look at the following list to see the station requirements to spawn missions:


    What I did (although on the UK version, it'll generally work across versions), is to target the highest paying mission and build up to being able to spawn that. As you unlock more missions, then getting the correct vehicles to attend those missions.

    If you're logged in to missionchief, the above site will highlight in green which missions you can currently spawn, and you can click through to see more details such as what units they require.

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