Vancouver Fire and Rescue Service (Vancouver B.C. Canada)

  • Tap Out Response

    Medical Aids

    Cardiac Arrest2 If Needed
    Stroke2 If Needed
    Multiple Patients(Stabbing, Shooting)2 Rigs And Battalion

    Tap Out Response Non Medicals

    Motor Vehicle Incident1 Pumping Rig
    Motor Vehicle IncidentMultiple Patients1 Pumping Rig1 Medic Or Rescue
    Motor Vehicle Rollover3 Pumping Rigs1 Rescue and Battalion
    Fire Alarm2 Pumping Rigs
    Rubbish Fire1 Engine or Quint
    Vehicle Fire1 Engine or Quint
    Vehicle FireAlternating Fuels2 Pumping Trucks
    Wildland FireSmall Area1 Engine Or Quint
    Wildland Fire Large Area2 Pumping Trucks

    Structure Fire Response

    1st Alarm3111
    Working Fire11 Rescue(Man Air Light RIT)1 Battalion Air 13RS 13 Car 73
    2nd Alarm21(1 Rescue If Needed)
    3rd Alarm2
    4th Alarm2Deputy Chief If NeededCommand Vehicle If Needed
    5th Alarm (AfterApproval Only)21Command Vehicle
    6th Alarm1Chief 9
    7th Alarm1Chief 11
    8th Alarm1Chief 14/ Duty Chief
    9th AlarmMutual Aid
    10th AlarmMutual Aid

    Fire Hall 2Downtown Eastside1200+ per monthMedic 2
    Fire Hall 7Downtown100+ per monthEngine 7
    Fire Hall 8Yaletown50+ per monthWildlands/Medic 8

    Call Volumes

    201330,000Engine 7Medical Aid
    201438,000Engine 2Medical Aid
    201544,000Medic 2Medical Aid

    For anybody wondering what's goes on here in Vancouver B.C. Canada.

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