Critical Care Resources

  • So I would like to make a suggestion. In the cases of vehicles that respond with multiple persons (for example I use double crewed RRV's as Critical Care Units) could it be implemented that these can treat more than one person, maybe on a 1:1 basis? For example if I send 2 RRV's with CC trained people onboard, they would be able to cover a total of 4 persons requiring critical care? This would make sense as during Major Incidents these crews would likely be split on a scene and treating more than one casualty. Thanks for reading!

  • For the way the game works it is a lot easier just to run all ambulances with a critical care trained member of staff.

    This is accurate, but the original post was asking for a change to the way the game works to suit their playstyle, which is what we all do when we see parts of the game we would like to be improved. That's not unreasonable, and if you're happy with the way things are now, that's perfectly reasonable too. But unless their suggestion would be detrimental to your gameplay, i.e. cause your gameplay to be negatively affected, I see no reason to suggest to the author of the thread that they should just change their playstyle instead of supporting their suggestion to help them enjoy the game more.

  • I want to get it updated so RRV’s can have up to three crew. In terms of personnel treating individual patients, I’m not sure this works as I believe it’s tied to the vehicle rather than personnel.

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