No Patients Spawning

  • So, starting roughly a week and a half, maybe 2 weeks ago. My missions stopped having patients in some of my areas of operations, but not all. All of my missions are being dispatched off of the same dispatch center.

    I am not getting patients in the following areas: New York City, New Orleans, Denver

    Meanwhile I am spawning missions with patients as normal in my other areas: SE Michigan, Chicago, Washington DC, Baltimore, Seattle, San Diego, Los Angeles

    I have been unable to determine any reason as to why I am no longer getting patients in those areas. As I said, all the missions are spawned off of the same Dispatch Center, and all areas have rescue stations enabled.

    A description of the issue. - See Above

    A screenshot of the issue if it's visual. (Print Screen, paste into, provide the link)

    When the issue started. - A week and a half or 2 weeks ago

    What operating system your computer uses. - Windows

    What web browser you're using. - Microsoft Edge

    What graphic pack you're using (if applicable to the error). - None

    What error code you see, if any. - None

    Did you clear your cache? (Ctrl + F5) - Yes

  • Try using Chrome as your browser. Microsoft Edge is NOT friendly to a lot of programs and downloads..

    some comments about this:

    1. Edge is now based on Chromium, which is also the base for chrome. So if you do have an up-to-date version of Edge, you should be fine.

    2. The Browser does not influcence this issue as missions (and thus also patients) are generated on the server not the client (your browser). As long as you use an up-to-date browser there shouldn't be any browser-related issues (they are only rare) and especially not ones that aren't related to visual appearance such as misalignment etc.

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