U.S. Regional DFES Alliance Recruitment

  • Hello fellow Mission Chief players! Our alliance is looking to recruit an expand its regions throughout the U.S. All entities (Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, Forestry, etc) are all welcome. We have been trying to get a better involvement in the alliance and we believe extending an invitation to newer and seasoned players is the way to go. We would like to see players from each state. Still a lot of fine tuning from the Administration and Logistics end of the alliance as far as expansion and additional membership. So we do ask for patience. Feel free to apply and lend a hand as well as have fun! We do play "semi-realistic" meaning not everything HAS to be what it actually is. Example being Philadelphia FD having Rescue Engines, multiple Heavy Rescues, Quints, etc. I believe we have an easy standard to utilize for all types of player involvement. If there is something to consider as we grow, we are absolutely open to suggestions!

    Feel free to reach out via the game. The alliance name is "U.S. Regional DFES".

    We hope to peak some interest from here. Outside of that...

    Take care!

    - LazyEgg87

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