Adding a lifeguard station to the game?

  • As part of the emergency services you can also request lifeguards, so I'm wondering weather being able to create lifeguard stations and being able to have missions that take place in the sea would be a good idea? I am stationed near the sea, I think it would be another way to make the game even more realistic.

    Mission ideas:

    -Sinking ship
    -Drowning person
    -Stranded ship
    -Plan crash in the sea

    What are your thoughts on this idea?

  • A lot of FDs have dive teams....Especially the FDs located on a beach where I am from. Never heard of lifeguards being requested by emergency services. But, I only speak for my area/state. I am unfamiliar with the whole United States.

  • As EFD has stated it's hard trying to push water missions through I can tell you why, it's because it's nearly impossible to implement them in water because of Open street maps theGerman version has no problem with open street maps because the German version does not use open street maps. As EFD stated all the admins can do is try to keep pushing water missions in the game and hopefully Sebastian will budge by coming up with something to combat the open street maps problem. Lastly I would love to see a SCUBA Dive Team Unit, Air Sea Rescue units which include Fast Rescue Boat, Rescue Boat, helicopter, and lastly would love to have Fire boats added to the game. The SCUBA team unit I'm talking about is one that looks like this this one is from the CFD obviously if you couldn't tell.

  • Trust me. We've pushed for missions in water, boats, etc to be added to MissionChief. So far, it's a no go. We will keep trying!

    Is it a no go due to other important things, or is it due to the lack of roads or capability in the code ?

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  • In the past, it was a coding issue. Now that it's been solved in the German version, it can be possible here. However, since it was solved, we've been focusing on other updates (namely, SWAT and ARFF). We can only get so much added at one time, so we'll likely come around to ask about it again soon.

  • I think this would be a great idea to add but idk think Lifeguards would deal with these types of situations but many with a drowning person But the rest of those types of calls, i think the main fire department or Coast Guard would assist the mutual calls on such said call. But its different in most states for these types of serious said calls.
    What are your thoughts on this idea?

    April 14, 2016 02:56
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