EPIRB ACTIVATION (OFFSHORE) - Patients dont transport

  • Currently, on the EPIRB mission "EPIRB Activation (Offshore) the patients dont transport/treat. Upon unit arrival you have to cancel the ILB/ALB with the patient with a replacement standing by, at which point the patient will be able to transport.

    (All ILB/ALBs have Crit care, so the missing patient requirement is not caused by that)

    1) no units canceled:

    2: 1 Unit canceled, 1 patient being treated the other not. 1 can be transported

    3: 2 units canceled, both patients now being treated.

    4: If both patients are allowed to be treated, the missions bugs again and you have to cancel to enable transport

    5: Upon cancelation and re-dispatch of units, the patient(s) can be transported

    This constant juggling act of units, makes these missions are pain to deal with en-mass and has been a persistant issue since the missions introduction.

  • I have the same problem too and also when they handover to ambulance crews they don't transfer from there either and just sit there and won't transport!

    Yeah, ive seen that too.

    EPIRB Activation (Marina) - Transport patients

    Bug report up for that as well. And that one is getting old. The issue is the Marina EPIRB mission the ambos transport to a Lifeboat station isntead of the hostipal and then they just get stuck there. They just need to change it so that the patients on that mission handle like any other instead of it being a lifeboat mission needing patients taken to drop-off point first.

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