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    Also when one is expanding into another area and a new dispatch center is created for that area, they may not have all the required units built for the new area yet , like HazMat, MCV, BCs, rescues, water tenders, etc They player can chose to turn off the new area and continue to gain credits with the original area until the new area can be put into service with the required units.

    This is already possible, by selecting the option in the dispatch center settings to create own coverage area. It will then only use stations that are assigned to that dispatch center when generating calls. The ability to toggle a center OOS is a great idea though, I've thought it would be a handy feature for a while now.

    One other thing to keep in mind, when you say they can do everything a patrol can do and that K-9 (or SWAT if it was implemented) would not be able to transport prisoners. Realistically speaking you wouldn't put a perp in the back with the dog, nor would they be put into the back of an armoured SWAT van.

    I do think that increased range for calls would be a nice change. Especially for people that play more rural areas of the US (or the world) might have a single station covering quite a lot of territory. This is especially true of EMS resources, at least where I live/play.

    While I see where you're going with this...I would presume you already have EMS coverage in the vicinity anyway...therefore it's a matter of not dispatching the units at that station? You can exclude those units from AAR to prevent auto-dispatching...

    You mentioned you have them assigned to separate dispatch centers...have you checked the option in your fire only dispatch center to create own coverage area? (Found under edit). Otherwise it will be reading all owned stations to determine what calls to generate.

    I did the same when I branched into Police Aviation, and couldn't find a way to do so. So much for getting prepared ahead of time. :(

    It would be awesome to know if there is a way, or to have it possibly added. It makes sense since it's a PD unit that you could pre-train at a PD station and then move to aviation once built, especially as that's the only use for that building and it takes so long to complete the course. It renders the building useless basically for another week to complete training (unless you complete the course early).

    I appreciate that that's the only option we have me181, which is why I support the OP suggestion to change the way discharges are handled. Hopefully we'll have a better solution come out of an honest discussion on the merit of this idea.

    I don't see that it makes it any "easier", at least not any more easy (and ridiculous than cancelling a transport because there is not a bed available. As a for instance, I currently have 3 maxed hospitals, placed in their real-world locations. During a single day of playing I can easily fill all 90 beds...which is the MAXIMUM expansion currently allowed. It then takes 30 hours of not transporting a single patient to be able to reset those. If you want to talk about something being realistic, an ED would keep patients in their ER (which is what we simulate) for 30 hours. They would either 1) release them (discharge), or 2) move to another department. Neither of those options are currently available (or should be). I fail to see how having a patient be released after a few hours makes it too easy, when you have calls that can generate 20 patients.

    The solution to "build more hospitals" is great if you're focusing on very urban areas, but for those of us who like the challenge of playing realistically in a more rural environment it's ridiculous to have to basically not play at all for over a day since the hospital is full.

    I'm with Smock. Given the frequency of EMS calls, and the number of patients a larger incident can generate compared to prisoner transports, I would like to see this changed as well. I've often said patients should be admitted for a set amount of time, (1-4 doesn't matter much) and then released, not 1 released each hour. This could also be an across the board change for prisoners as well, since I believe the mechanics use the same code, without negatively affecting game play. It's quite unrealistic to cancel the transport on a stroke patient (for example) because you're still trying to clear out the nosebleeds from yesterday. Those patients would be discharged so quickly the ink wouldn't even be able to dry on the paperwork.

    Just some food for though, especially considering we're about "emergency" services. The ED typically doesn't hold patients any longer than absolutely necessary, and will either transfer to an Inpatient department, outpatient observation, or discharge, to make room for incoming cases.