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    Exactly what the title says!

    Say after a while you decide that you no longer want/need an ambulance or airport expansion etc - is there a way to delete and permanently get rid of the expansion? If not, then this certainly needs to be included in the game interface. Particularly if you wish to move the building, meaning you might not require certain things anymore :)

    Would be useful, currently decommissioning my ambulance extensions as they're not realistic to the UK.

    But do we actually have any 'BLS' in the UK?

    Talking from a WMAS point of view. We don't use BLS vehicles. Every DCA or RRV has a paramedic on it. I suppose you could class it as a SJA vehicle or PTS. However, PTS would not treat patients, it would be more of a transfer to or from hospital kind of thing (non urgent). I personally don't have any BLS vehicles in my game atm.