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    @Fabianstudios I tried to set up an account with stations in West Yorkshire once, playing Leitstellenspiel. There too, the southern Stations in London where pretty much documented, you could even use Wikipedia. The bigger Brigades/FRS where in there, the further u went up north the more scarce the info got, or incomplete... it's like that in the US and Canada too, search for LA, Chicago, New York, Houston and get detailed info, look for smaller stations (which I chose for the challenge and because I don't wanna play where everyone else does) and if you are lucky you get a "for further information contact the fire chief" which I will certainly not do, as the poor guy has a department to manage and no time to answer weird sounding questions to a detail obsessed German volunteer playing a browser game

    southern and central Michigan. Of course it depends, but-as I´ve mentioned, the counties/cities I am looking for are not to be found on the sites mentioned above, made a point in staying away from the bigger cities, if I would be playing where pretty much everyone else plays I could look up stations and call signs on wikipedia, but I thought that would be less of a challenge^^
    all I wanted to know if there was alternative websites, appart from those that I mentioned on which I could check ;) :)
    thnx anyway mate-apreciate the comment still :)

    Hey all,
    just wanted to know if u have any tips or suggestions on websites to use for research. Have used while playing Leitstellenspiel a lot-it´s a German website, hence primarily good for research on European Departments/EMS...
    tried a view websites e.g. (which I can´t acces due to my IP being blocked-for reasons I have no clue about) & (which is missing the exact Counties I wanted to research on) :( .
    :!: :?:
    kind regards,

    Thank God u lot have such a small amount of vehicle types/variations...there´s hundreds over here :D the number for the engines still the same,, regardless of it being "type 1" or "type 2" though ?

    Hey all...
    In order to make gameplay a little more realistic I was thinking of allocating proper call sign to my vehicles. Where I´m from a call sign would look like this : 83/41-4 with the first number designated to the location (Borough/District/County or the latter), the second telling you which kind of vehicle it is and the third which number of similar vehicles...Now I know in the US and probably Canada too, you guys have a totally different system-I have, however not yet found any reference as how it works on google...can you help me out here ?

    @letsgohope12 well for startes, I have a friend who lives there, and appart from that I always found it more challenging and interesting to start away from the big metropolises...I checked Chicago, which is supposed to have one of the biggest departments in the States, Detroit was on the bigger side of things too...Decided on Midland in the end due to location...rather small city, loads of industry...rivers, lakes... :)

    Hello everyone, I´m a new player active in and around Midland County, MI looking for an active alliance.
    I am however not from the US, used to play Leitstellenspiel a lot and am a firefighter across the pond in Germany-basically just interested in the game and Fire & EMS in general.
    If you wouldn´t mind a couple of questions here and there and are not into strictly realistic gameplay, I´d be happy to join forces (: