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    Ah I see so almost a reserve unit tag and then a button on the dispatch window to activate reserve units so they become available to be dispatched using your regular ARR

    I think I understand what you mean. Yes, that would be good, but also, just full on code 6ing all units with a certain tag would be amazing. Just so it isn't just for arr.

    "So I can’t see how this would be any quicker than setting them code 6 as you would have to click on the vehicle anyway."

    Once you set it up, (going through each vehicle that wants the role and giving it to them) you'll be able to code 6 lots of vehicles (around 25 for me) with just a click of a button. As I mentioned, this will help players who want to go from grinding (with extra "fake" vehicles) to realistic and vice versa.


    I just had an idea where we can add say, roles or a marker or whatnot to vehicles. Then we can code 6 all vehicles with that role/marker.

    This is very useful for changing between grinding (with more units) and playing realistically.

    EDIT: We would also need to be able to un-code 6 them.

    Thank you very much!
    Please leave feedback!

    I had been using an icon graphics pack by someone named Bradley(then some numbers) and it suddenly disappeared. Dunno if anyone else had this issue. It was a really nice simple pack.

    Leading into this, is would be amazing if some of the icons got a bit of an update in a future version (if time allows)

    One more thing, if anyone would like to help me with ideas for icons, send me a private message! (I'm gonna make an icon pack)

    Thank you very much!

    The additional maps such as Apple Mapkit and Google maps are not working and a returning to the original open street maps.


    I play on PC.

    I also do sometimes use the app on my phone but as there is only satellite and normal, its fine.

    Wings, we had this chat in DM's...

    We offer an alliance with members active everyday. There are very rarely days where no one is online. We have members in WA, SA, NT, NSW, QLD, VIC, TAS, ACT you name it. (Aka every state). Our most active players are from SA, WA, VIC and NT.

    If you wish for an active alliance in Australia, here you are. DM if you wish to join.

    EDIT: Also, we have many experienced players that can assist you with any questions you may have!

    Thank you.

    For us in Aussie, flycars are called SPRINT (Single Paramedic Response and INtervention Teams). They have one paramedic and are similar to RRVs (or whatever they're called).

    Command units are entirely different although have one paramedic, they primary are like fire battalion units. They direct people and manage the situation. The special operations team is the same as command units, just they have things like rope and rescue stuffs.