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    Somewhere to store any spare units you have instead of deleting them?

    Cheap storage places.

    So basically, they're stations where you can store units and each level costs say 40k, each level unlocks a new vehicle space. Vehicles in the station are always code 6, unless swapped or shifted to another station.

    So that they can be moved or swapped with other vehicles like it'll. For instance, I would have a spare space at each station where an appliance can be moved to cover the station and other incidents in one area if they need more units


    So, I was talking with some of my alliance members (australian alliance) and we realised that in Australia (and probably many other countries) we have a "State Emergency Services" or SES. Basically, these are in each state and are run by mostly volunteeers (some paid). Instead of fighting fires, they are more of a rescue agency. So they attend incidents like flooding salvages, MVAs, fallen trees (majority of their calls - sometimes 30 tree down calls in one day (not even with a storm outside)), building collapses (using rescue dogs), search and rescues (sometimes joining with the police), cliff rescues, and more rescues (can come up with big list if needed).

    To sum it up, the SES is a rescue service and does not fight fires, instead it focuses on rescues. Majority of calls are tree downs, or search and rescues where they can use rescue dogs to try locate missing people.

    I, along with many other Australian players would like to see a rescue agency added into the game. If you need more detailed information, please let me know. Feel free to post feedback as I would love you hear your thoughts. :)

    Can you please let us know when and where we will be able to put in missions once this hopefully becomes a feature? Thanks :)

    EDIT: Hold on, just found the pinned missions suggesting thread. Would that be the place to put it?

    Idk if I'm being stupid...

    Is there a way too see only alliance hospitals (ones that other people own and are shared with alliance) and not all of their fire, medical and police stations? If not, that should be an option!

    Thanks! :)

    Just to make sure there is no confusion, my Australian view is from South Australia whilst Generic Dispatchers view is from New South Wales.

    Maybe a timed mission setting aside an ambulance for about 2 hours on Patient transfers - again at a Hospital POI?The easiest way, I suspect, to replicate those.

    I don't really think it needs to be two hours. Maybe 10-15 minutes at the first hospital, then it could code 6 it too the next hospital and take the same time it would to drive lights and sirens. So it takes the same time as it would to drive. (And another 10-15 at the next hospital)

    Another aspect of transfers could require police motorbikes to escort the ambulance. This however may require a timed mission (probably quite hard to code). It would give another use to motorbikes

    Yep that would be possible. So a mission might require 1 sgt trained personnel to be on seen and it wouldn’t matter what vehicle they have come ffrom.

    I personally would like the option for realism's sake (like how we have BLS). So you can either have a Sgt car OR just have a Sgt training.

    Not sure if this was what VBMedic was saying, but there should be missions where a patient is taken from one hospital to another (most likely from a rural hospital to a world-class hospital (Rural hospital poi?)) either by ambulance for short, non-urgent cases and by HEMS for long or urgent cases.

    Also, something I wanted to add was that out critical care units are called intensive care paramedics and are basically (mainly single, but some have two people) responders with extra high-dose medication like ketamine etc. They could help ems be faster or may be required for certain missions. They also cannot transport patients. They look pretty much the exact same as the commander and rescue operations vehicles.

    Heres mine.
    Also showing the HEMS helicopter doing a rescue.
    There is only a slight difference between the rescue and command vehicles. The rescue unit contains ropes and safety helmets etc and the command has extra resources like medications.
    (our police also uses the mac helicopter - we have 3)

    A suggestion for y'all to consider,

    Now, I don't know about America or Europe, but in Australia, our ambulance service have paramedics with training for rescues (eg cliff rescues, sea rescues, etc.).

    Thus, the first unit I am recommending is the "Special Operations" unit. We have highly skilled (and trained) paramedics that specialise in high risk and rescue operations including water rescue, cliff rescues, confined space rescues, etc. It would be great if we had missions to do with this (maybe a future update if Sebastian isn't too busy). It would make it more realistic if we had this sort of unit.

    The second thing I am suggesting, is to be able to train "HEMS" paramedics to basically be the same as a special operations unit, just be faster (or could be needed in certain missions).

    The third unit I am suggesting is a chief unit (or commander). These are used in medium - large scale incidents (in Australia) and could make the game more realistic. This unit could (maybe?) help medical crews finish faster (as they would be being directed by the commander).

    I am aware and fully understand that A. It could be very difficult to code and B. Could be very different to everyone else's countries.

    Feel free to add feedback/suggestions and thank you for taking the time to read this! :)

    EDIT: If people like this idea, I will be more than happy to come up with some ideas for new missions related to it :)