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    Name/Type of Mission: Fire Hydrant Check - Timed Mission (15 Minutes)

    Units Required: 1 Fire Engine

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): none

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 400


    Name/Type of Mission: Small Training Exercise - Timed Mission (1Hr)

    Units Required: 2 Fire Engines or 2 Patrol Cars or 2 Ambulances

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): none

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 1500
    Name/Type of Mission: Medium Training Exercise - Timed Mission (2Hrs)

    Units Required: 3 Fire Engines
    1 Ladder Platform (50%)
    1 Heavy Rescue (50%)
    1 Battalion Chief

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): none

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 3000
    Name/Type of Mission: Large Training Exercise - Timed Mission (3Hrs)

    Units Required: 5 Fire Engines
    1 Ladder Platform
    1 Heavy Rescue
    1 Mobile Air Unit (60%)
    1 Water Tanker (60%)
    1 Hazmat (30%)
    2 Battalion Chiefs
    1 MCV (50%)

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): none

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 6000
    Name/Type of Mission: Water Training Exercise - Timed Mission (2Hrs)

    Units Required: 1 Fire Engine
    2 Boats
    1 Large Fire Boat (40% chance)
    1 Large Rescue Boat (40% chance)

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Lake, River

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 2500
    Name/Type of Mission: Airport Training Exercise - Timed Mission (3Hrs)

    Units Required: 6 Fire Engines
    2 ARFF Tenders
    2 Ladder Platforms
    2 Heavy Rescue
    2 Mobile Light Units
    2 Hazmat
    2 Water Tankers
    3 Battalion Chiefs
    1 Mobile Command Vehicle
    4 Police Cars
    4 Ambulances

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Large Airport Runway

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 10000
    Name/Type of Mission: SWAT Training Exercise - Timed Mission (1Hr)

    Units Required: 2 Patrol Cars
    12 SWAT Personnel

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): none

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 2000
    Name/Type of Mission: Public nudity

    Units Required: 1 Patrol Car

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): none

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 1 (30%)

    Possible Upgrade: Brawl

    Credit Reward: 200
    Name/Type of Mission: Excessive bleeding

    Units Required: 1 Ambulance

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): none

    Patients: 1

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 200
    Name/Type of Mission: Tree on roof

    Units Required: 1 Fire Engine
    1 Ladder Platform (30%)

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): none

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 350
    Name/Type of Mission: Large Wildfire

    Units Required: 10 Fire Engines
    3 Water Tankers
    3 Battalion Chiefs
    1 Mobile Command Vehicle
    2 Patrol Cars

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): none

    Patients: 2 Max (50% chance - heatstroke, burns, etc.)

    Prisoners: 2 Max (10% chance - deliberate ignition?)

    Credit Reward: 7000
    Please make adjustments where you feel necessary if you like the ideas, great work by the way.

    It would need to be linked to each "medical code" a patient has (A-E with numbers) with an appropriate percentage to each, the reality is that paramedics can't save everyone but certainly do their best - so if it was uncommon/rare that would be a good idea that I can support, use common sense so you don't have people dropping like flies from a fevers or nosebleeds.

    This game is very good with it's simplicity, yet features such as the one where calls can be upgraded/downgraded makes it more enjoyable and realistic that circumstances in emergencies can change rapidly. Obviously we are looking forward to an EMS update to come out at some point, so in the future this would be cool to explore.

    Yeah I was a bit confused until I did some research, we don't really have those in Australia (at least in my state), for my mobile air vehicles I use our IRL logistic support vehicles and rehabilitation vans, works very nicely as NSW doesn't have "mobile air" but vehicles for a wide range of functions can carry extra BA cylinders. Some of our trucks seem to have extra breathing apparatus cylinders as well.

    Can someone please put an image or describe what their interpretation of UCCs are? Are they like doctor's offices? I'm pretty sure we have none in Aussie.


    I don't have a picture but my understanding is it's a smaller medical centre than a hospital that may not have the ability to provide treatment to severe medical incidents, still requiring normal/large hospitals to exist for more advanced/specialised treatment, probably spread out in rural areas as there is less of a demand in the middle of Australia.

    Adapting to Australia, I will probably use these in rural areas that have small hospitals/emergency medical centres with less capability than the hospitals I have in the city. Hope this helps.

    Regarding the staff problem, if ambulance stations, fire stations, etc. are built with staff already there, the same concept would apply and I believe this may have been done in error, hopefully it could be fixed soon - it is not a problem for me to wait but if it is someones first urgent care centre (no hospitals built) then I would expect it to function in less than 24 hours.

    In Australia NSW we have both, I'll show some pictures below because why not. The first three are USAR, the last two are technical rescues.

    USAR - It only really gets used for earthquakes, trench/cave rescue and structural collapse non fire related.

    Technical Rescue - I've seen it deployed to severe road accidents, technical rope rescue, other complex rescues, swift water rescue (there is a boat rack on top) and it also acts as a USAR unit. Any large scale fires they also show up. This is the direction our area is moving into.

    We only have 4 Technical Rescues in our state and 3 USAR units that may or may not go into retirement if the rollout continues. Rural areas don't currently have these vehicles and can usually manage with their rescue pumpers and rescue tankers.

    Will technical rescue/USAR be required at certain missions or is it more of a bonus if they are available? I'd prefer the bonus as they are very uncommon compared to Heavy Rescue, I don't know if that is similar to anyone else just my thoughts.


    I certainly see the issue, it matters on the pricing I suppose, I however don't think it is fair to pay a million for a station that looks and functions like this.

    I either see it happening two ways, I could even be wrong about this but here are my two cents.

    1. Implement "small stations" in the future, I am fine with it only being 1 appliance but definitely no more than 2 slots maximum. The price can remain the same as a normal station until you have 25 combined, while they both increase the small stations cost slightly less, but maybe if you have more many more small stations than normal stations, the price starts catching up to normal stations? It's a little complicated to try and balance this so that's why I probably prefer the second option.

    2. After building 25 fire stations, you could consider making the initial price for a normal station increase slower, and have it increase more with each level upgrade.

    Either way, I don't think pricing should increase after 1 million when that is how much it costs for a single helicopter landing pad, that's okay if you disagree.

    I am in favour of this idea, particularly because most of the Fire Stations in NSW Australia only have 2 engine bays, I have a lot of old stations to implement which most only have 1 engine bay and it can be a little frustrating to see how much the price increases for each station even though I am only using it to house one or two appliances.

    I agree with vehicle pricing, I wouldn't want to pay any more than 1 million for a Fire Station, especially one that only houses 1 or 2 appliances. I understand the game is about patience and I really appreciate watching my stations and vehicles grow, it gets to a point where the price needs to stop increasing. It costs 1 million for a helicopter station, so why should it cost more for a single bay firehouse?

    I like the idea, but rather than 6 slots maximum, I think it should be lowered to 3 max as it seems not many countries around the world have many stations, so people might abuse the small stations when 6 vehicles is a pretty large station.

    Furthermore, instead of paying a high initial price for a station (after 25 buildings), why not make it a higher price for every level you unlock instead? Certainly helps out folks with a lot of single or 2 engine bay stations.

    Adding on to the thought of volunteer brigades, I have way more volunteer brigades than "regular" fire stations, as well as more retained fire stations than permanent/on-duty fire stations.

    Agreed, workshops with some room for spare vehicles is a good compromise.

    Also, on the topic of alliance stations, perhaps instead of buying separate alliance stations you could have a setting that shares individual stations with alliance members similar to callouts, I don't think the alliance members should be able to change any of the settings/vehicles except for the owner of the station. Anyways, back to the workshop idea.

    All good observations - price is a bit up in the air for me so I'll leave that for other people, I think start with 1 or 2 spaces after buying the workshop (Maybe 200,000 credits?) And you still need to buy additional spaces if you want to.

    In regards to how vehicles are deployed with staff, I would use the swapping feature with vehicles like we have the option to now. The SEV (Service Exchange Vehicle we call them) will work as an operational vehicle. As for the amount of time it is out of service, I'd say around 6-12 hours or a whole day is fair, otherwise if it went for 10 minutes I'd hardly see the point of this.

    I think a fair idea would also to make a level where this is required, giving new players a chance to setup their area a bit before needing to have a workshop available - maybe when you have around 10 stations of any service?

    I understand the criticism of suddenly having a lot of vehicles being out of service, I remember someone suggested that every 10K miles the appliance requires a service but to me that is quite high, considering my most active appliance (battalion chief) only has 8K miles and I've been playing for quite some time. It's a good concept and you don't have to undergo maintenance with the same vehicle every second day, however, it should be lowered. Maybe 5K miles? My state fire service has an extremely busy workshop as far as I can tell, but as I stated earlier we also have Mobile Mechanics that do basic maintenance to keep the vehicles out longer.

    Yeah, it's not a major update unlike the additions to EMS and Police, Fire has a lot of content and I think it's good to think deep about something that could be added to all services. We'll see what the future holds.

    Interesting idea DeputyMedic20, I had the thought of vehicles requiring maintenance every so often (like a timed event) the other day, I imagine some agencies around the world have a workshop to store vehicles and make any repairs or upgrades, as an example we have a huge workshop in NSW owned by Fire + Rescue located right next to the State Headquarters. Additionally, we have mobile mechanics going around the place to service the vehicles regularly IRL.

    On the other hand, I feel like some agencies would use independent mechanics for maintenance since it may not be feasible to have their own, I'm not entirely sure so it would be cool if some people gave their thoughts on this. An idea around this could be that if you don't have your own workshop, you can still have your vehicles serviced by an "independent company", but takes longer than if you had your own. Furthermore, you would need to buy addition spaces to service more vehicles.

    Also, if you were to have a garage for storage you would need to pay for additional spaces, I think a maintenance workshop would be realistic (at least in my case), since the game is mostly about vehicles and buildings so I think it's a fair suggestion, it adds another layer of realism and challenge to the game.

    It might seem funny, but I rather like knowing how many miles my vehicles have done in total, however the principle that you've come up with of having a vehicle garage on it's own seems like a nice idea, if there was only going to be one idea of how it would best work.
    I'll lay out my idea here:
    A vehicle would have to have a service every 10K miles, if it wasn't it could go status 6 whenever it likes.
    A service would be a vehicle out of action for 1 day, price of 1K credits, using the above idea it would use up a slot that would be available in a garage that one would have built. Let's put a garage at 50K cost with a starting 2 slots and going up wards from there in 10k Increments. This would allow for one not to have to use a garage for a while but would be an added challenge for those of us with greater setups.

    I like this approach, and agree that we should still see how far each vehicle has traveled.

    Hey there, thanks for making this discussion as I wondered the same thing when I began playing MissionChief quite a while ago.

    What me181 said is true, however, I think it is a good idea to discuss the possibility of adding dedicated rescue stations instead of always fire stations or EMS stations.

    I'm a volunteer for the NSW SES, the lead combat agency for floods, storm and tsunami. We do not fight fires but often support Rural Fire Brigades logistically, we also assist in searches for missing persons under the command of Police Rescue. The unit above mine is accredited for Road Crash Rescue, General Land Rescue, medical, etc. and frequently respond to those calls, the only rescue my unit does are flood rescues, and every single unit has a floodboat. Our standard response vehicles are storm trucks, most of our jobs are not life-threatening but tree jobs and damaged property as an example are very common, if you want to see some photos or learn more just let me know and I can point you in the right direction.

    Despite the fact that we can easily have Heavy Rescue or Rescue Engines with Fire Trucks, JebbyJnr is right that there are a number of agencies around the world that do rescue but do not fight fires, they also don't have ambulances, I'm not sure how this is adapted to the US or UK but in NSW Australia we also have a few other rescue agencies.

    - The Volunteer Rescue Association (Volunteer emergency service for road crash rescue, animal rescue, domestic and industrial rescue, searches, the list goes on).
    - NSW Cave Rescue (Affiliated with the NSW VRA and work alongside Police Rescue and Fire + Rescue services)
    - Bush Search and Rescue NSW (They have now joined the NSW SES as an independent unit, work under the command of Police Rescue)

    In reality, these services are of great benefit to communities, especially in rural areas and reduce the stressful workload of paid emergency workers, we all work together. I want to see what some other people think, I would really dig this being an option but I can still have dedicated rescue services as a fire station if it's not worth doing, perhaps this can be considered for the future since there seems to be a lot planned?

    Below is a photo of one of the SES units I have setup in MissionChief.

    I have a long way to go because I initially wanted to do my entire state in Australia (NSW). All station locations are accurate along with their vehicles and callsigns (as far as I can tell).

    My setup looks a little different because I have applied my own graphics to reflect vehicle type and service, along with the building markers.

    Below are a list of stats, I have an in-depth fancy looking spreadsheet that I update everytime I change something but I won't post it since it seems against the forum rules.

    Fire Stations

    - 16 Fire + Rescue Stations (permanent [on-duty] and retained [on-call] and paid)
    - 6 Rural Fire Brigade Stations (volunteer brigades)
    - 2 State Emergency Service Units (volunteers - they do not fight fires, they are the lead response agency for storms, floods or tsunami, rural units can be rescue accredited to respond to motor vehicle accidents or general land rescue, as well as medical calls, assist police during searches for missing people, help during large events, and more).
    - 24 Total Fire Stations

    - 42 Fire Engines (various agencies - pumpers, tankers and storm trucks)
    - 3 Rescue Engines
    - 2 Heavy Rescues
    - 1 Ladder Platform (37 metres)
    - 1 Quint (Aerial Pumper)
    - 2 Bulk Water Tankers
    - 2 Hazmat (Heavy Hazmat and Hazmat Support)
    - 2 Mobile Light (Logistic Support & Rehabilitation Vans)
    - 2 Battalion Chiefs (Duty Commanders)
    - 1 Incident Command Vehicle (Zone Commander)

    Water Related

    - 4 Boats (NSW State Emergecny Service)
    - 1 Rescue Vessel (NSW Marine Rescue)
    I plan to get some large fire boats soon, responsible agency will be NSW Port Authority since our main Fire Services don't really have that responsibility.

    Ambulance Stations

    - 7 Ambulance Stations
    - 17 Ambulances (ALS)
    I plan to give my major stations Fly-Cars as Rapid Response and Operation Commanders.
    I also plan to make Extended Care Paramedics BLS - they aren't standard.

    Police Stations

    - 8 Police Stations

    - 19 Patrol Cars
    - 1 K9 Unit
    - 1 SWAT Armored Vehicle (Bearcat)
    - 1 SWAT SUV (Holden Colorado)


    1 Hospital (I'll be adding more hospitals as I expand, my current hospital is quite a large and important one IRL)

    1 Fire Academy

    1 Police Academy

    2 Dispatch Centres - NSW Police Headquarters & Fire + Rescue NSW Headquarters

    I'm very much in support of this, large or serious callouts IRL require supervisors and would be a great addition.

    I personally prefer Sergeant/Supervisor training instead of vehicles so that the Academy is utilized more, in Victoria Australia I know Sergeants patrol in a certain vehicle, on the other hand sometimes Sergeants in NSW can patrol with other officers in any type of vehicle. Fortunately we can apply individual graphics to individual vehicles and apply a unique callsign.

    This could also open up Police Incident Command training for the most extreme incidents, such as Hostage Situations, Mass Shootings, Huge Riots, any situations requiring many specialised units. Incident Command training could also simulate the ranks for Inspector/Superintendent/Commander or higher.

    I obviously don't expect this to happen anytime soon because of the current focus on EMS callouts, but it is exciting to discuss what could be added to MissionChief in the future.

    Hey all, love what is being discussed so I thought I would offer my Australian input.

    NSW Ambulance have Special Operations (Rescue Trucks and Utility Vehicles), Operation Commanders (basically Fly-Car like Supervisors), Intensive Care Paramedics (Use normal Ambulances, better training) and Extended Care Paramedics (ECP, use smaller vans that are not designed to transport patients to hospital).

    Our standard Ambulances are ALS so I'm considering that I may have to use BLS for my Extended Care Paramedics, addition of mental health calls (something that is responded to frequently IRL) that take some time to complete and is also something I would consider implementing for BLS/ECP. We also have Rapid Response Units (Fly-Cars and Motorcycles).

    On the topic of mobile emergency doctors, we have those on board helicopters, however, there is always an ambulance available for emergency doctors if using a helicopter is not practical.

    Below are some photos, I think these would really benefit the EMS side of callouts and work for the US, UK and AUS. I hope this was helpful. :)