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    Can we make the fire alarm calls less likely to be a fire? In real life an alarm sounding is 95% of the time a false alarm. Otherwise, can we get a call that is a nondescript "fire alarm sounding", that requires 2 engines and a ladder, and then when the first unit arrives on scene it appears as a call related to a building fire (grease fire, room fire, roof fire, etc.)

    I was thinking, to add additional calls for the mobile command, what if at the center of every storm there was a "command post" where there would be a certain amount of chiefs and mobile commands necessary. (I. E. 5-10 Battalion Chiefs, 2 MCV's)

    Aw that's disappointing... In that case I think you should make gas leak calls much less frequent. Here in St. Louis it's usually a quint, or two or three quints or engines if it's a commercial gas leak. I saw a post that was advocating for a major gas leak which would require a HAZMAT, and I like that more.

    Can you set up something where we can backfill stations? For example, if a lot of my units are out of the area on an alliance mission, I can move units from one station to another on a temporary basis. Once the faraway unit arrives at its original station, the backfill unit returns to its own station. This is a common practice in US fire tactics. If this doesn't make sense, I'd be happy to answer some questions.

    You should simply replace hose tender with water tanker, and type 2 engine wi brush truck. Also, don't combine utility and mask service. Just rename mask unit "rehab". Also, I ink you should leave ambulances as they are. It might be too confusing. I like the airport and police ideas!

    No I think it would be a hassle. In the US (at least where I am) HAZMATs don't run unless it's a massive leak. Usually a ladder/quint or engine handles it. I'd say leave it how it is. Thanks!