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    We’re providing some hints and ideas just for fun, and the polls are to gauge what you THINK the updates might be, not what you WANT them to be. Therefore, hopefully none of you are disappointed with the results, because all updates are good updates!

    Also, any leadup is only a result of your peers discussion. The Moderation Team remains neutral in this thread.

    This thread is something I have always hoped for from Sebastian or the mod team. Even better that they don't give details to keep the excitement. It's something that lets us know that they are listening and working on what people want or what they think will make the game better. Kudos to the mod team!

    And to keep the hype going, a unit that has been requested many times and has multiple uses but requires an extension at the firehouse? The one that comes to mind is an Engine Tanker but I cant think why it would require an extension.

    The hint was VERY carefully crafted ;)

    Players, for this week’s exclusive, there is a new unit in development! This unit has been requested many times, and has more than one function, but it will require an extension to be at a fire station!

    Enjoy the mystery :)

    Hey everyone!

    The goal for this thread is to provide little hints and teasers about updates that are in the works. You, and you alone will be able to see these! Only forum members will be able to see this content, so make sure any of your friends or alliance members who play join the forum to see some of our sneak peeks. Discussion is welcomed, but no one on the Moderation Team is going to confirm or deny whether your guess is correct! ;) Also beware, Moderator “likes” also should NOT be considered as a marking of correctness :) and yes, we will most certainly make them confusing, because that’d the fun part! Stay tuned for the first teaser in the morning! ENJOY

    I have made this mistake a few times as well! :) Right now Sebastian is working on some cool new things and some of the convenience things you all have mentioned. We don’t want to overwhelm him with too much, but this issue will be added to our list for updates.

    The US SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) are trained in anything and everything “Special”, menacing outside of normal policing. This includes riot control and public demonstrations.

    You could set “categories” within the AAR that represent certain cities with their policies regarding ambulance service, or you could do what I do regarding EMS calls, which is to have a “Medical Emergency” button that dispatches an ambulance and an engine, but also one that dispatches a fly car and an ambulance based on what department will be Responding. For example, you would have one called “Medical Emergency” for Toronto which would Dispatch an ALS, and one called “Medical Emergency: Vancouver” which would dispatch BLS

    In hindsight, and after typing all that I’m rather upset with myself. Simply remove all of the ambulances from all of your AARs, and make one for a single ALS unit, and one for a single BLS unit. Then when you hit a button, (Residential Fire, for example) you would also hit your ALS or BLS button to add an ambulance to the call.

    I think the argument of players preferring sandbox to regular gameplay is valid. You guys should pitch some ideas for how sandbox mode could be limited before we take it into serious consideration. It’s definitely an interesting idea!

    Here’s an example of a distance call. The icons on the left are fire stations, the police icon by the mission is an alliance jail (which doesn’t spawn calls), and the icons on the right are my fire and police academies (which do not spawn calls). The approximate distance from the nearest fire station to the mission is 6.4 miles (roughly 10 kilometers).