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    Firstly, great to see an update for police side of things! I thought it would be good to offer my view on some of the new police related items... :D

    Unconfirmed at this stage, but sheriff needs to count as a patrol car and have the ability to transport prisoners.

    Some mission recommendations:

    • reduce the amount of required federal police buildings - who's going to have 8? 3 at most would be reasonable...
    • notebook stolen from school - must be one important notebook to require a police response ||
    • wrong-way driver - why does this need a highway exit POI?
    • hunter accidentally injured trespasser - how about 'hunting accident' to keep it simple?
    • abandoned luggage - on a bridge? Should this be at an airport terminal instead?

    Also, please increase the mission reward when SWAT is involved 8) It's a specialised unit, so it deserves a much higher payout than what it is.

    Not sure if it's just me, but I see no images in the above reply? :/

    To help answer your question, in simple terms - a crew cab semi is simply a truck with four doors on the cab.

    This would fit in nicely with the lifeguard service suggestion I discussed here earlier. Would be a cool addition to the game... :D

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    Something that has bugging myself and others for a while now... || The time at which large scale alliance missions take to complete.

    For alliances that like to set up a whole scene and direct who to go where and do what, the mission is over in a flash. In saying that - when setting up the mission, can there be a list to choose from to specify how long a mission should last? For example...

    • small mission (approx 20min)
    • large mission (approx 40min)
    • training mission (approx 90min)

    I know time is somewhat calculated by how many units are on scene, but sometimes you don't want it to be over in just 15min! :D Thoughts?

    Great, thanks for the list. I'll finally be able to understand the UK discussion side of things... :D

    Right now the Semi allows 3 members per Truck. Realistically I'd say 2 per Truck. Limit to 3 because it is a Crew Cab Truck.

    I do believe the vast majority aren't actually crew cabs - but in saying that, shouldn't it have a limit of 6 if it is truly a crew cab? 8)

    Have you ticked the box that says 'create your own coverage area. Stations belonging to this dispatch center are considered for missions in the assigned dispatch center area'? :D Click on the edit button that appears on the dispatch building to locate this.

    This was denied quite a while ago for the simple reason of people just abusing it, creating very large missions to get a large amount of credits. You could argue to put a cap on them, but people would still make the max missions they can get. Overall just doesn't make the game fun.

    I think what they are wanting is the ability to rename the mission? I could be wrong...

    For example, renaming 'gas station fire' to 'loading dock explosion'. It wouldn't change the required units or credit earnings at all - it would just be a way to customise the missions a bit more. You could even rename the large field fires if you're sick of urban areas getting them :thumbsup:

    For some reason, they generate very rarely. I've got a couple large fire boat docks and dozens of POI's - yet I'm lucky to get 1 mission a month requiring the boat. A shame that they sit there doing nothing most of the time... Hopefully this will be fixed 8)

    I suggested something similar about a year ago (see here) - which gained a considerable amount of support :thumbsup: I still believe it's worth implementing something like this to help out players who are mainly in built up urban areas... One day maybe?

    A simple fix that will please many, which I am sure has been raised in the past... 8)

    Can the game time please be based off the system you are using, instead of the default timezone? Particularly if you have members from different areas in an alliance, you have little idea on how recent or old a message is.

    Could we please have a consistent distance system in the game? :thumbup:

    For example... In the mission screen, units far away are listed with the approximate mile distance - yet 'maximum distance from vehicle' are all listed in kilometers :| Can this be corrected?

    If that's the only option, then I personally think that removing the chance of so many upgrading to officer down is the way to go.

    At the rate of which officers are reportedly down, I'm very surprised I actually have any police officers available for service... :D

    My apology as I was unaware those mission allowed them. My perspective though is to just get calls like that more often. I don't enjoy seeing utility units in my stations and just not being called, as well as the water rescue expansion calls need to generate more for us to use them too.

    As it currently stands, Utility's are near useless besides hauling trailers for a once in a while water rescue mission.


    Use your utility units as heavy rescues and I'm sure they won't be gathering dust in your stations. They're very useful at times! 8)

    I've reported several bugs/errors in the game (some over 6 months ago), yet still none of them have been corrected. A bit disappointing... || I get they like to add new content, but you need to fix other things before moving on. I feel as if someone on the team could simply spend ONE day going through the list, they could fix most of the errors... Just a few code edits here and there, and the end result would please us all.

    Also, the rate of which missions generate for fire boats is very low. I've placed dozens of dock/water related POI's, yet I've only had maybe 1 mission per month. I feel like I wasted the credits - please fix this! :thumbup:

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