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    I can now confirm I also can't see any buildings belonging to others within the alliance :|

    I previously could when others reported they couldn't. Everyone else in the alliance can no longer see buildings either, and at no point did we turn them off ourselves. Hope this is fixed...

    As far as I can tell by looking through countless missions, there is only one mission that actually requires ambulances as such. That one mission is 'plane off the runway' ?( It says you need a required 2 ambulances as a minimum... Most times I would send at least that, but other times I may just send a mass casualty and chief for example if that is what units I have spare.

    Is there any particular reason why this is the only mission that specifies the required ambulance count? If not, could it be removed as I see no point of inconsistency between missions... :thumbsup:

    Either I'm misunderstanding the topic, or the bug doesn't affect everyone...

    I'm still able to see everyone's buildings within the alliance, so I'm not sure what is causing the bug for others :/

    I think a little rearranging could help improve the ease of use of the 'leave without transport' option for patients :)

    Instead of having to scroll right down to the bottom of the page (past dozens and dozens of hospitals at times), could the button be placed towards the top of the page - perhaps just under the blue information box? :thumbsup:

    Particularly on some devices, it can be a pain to scroll to the bottom if you're frequently doing it due to a lack of available hospital beds. Thoughts?

    I see why you would want such a unit, but I also see why it is highly unlikely to be implemented :D

    Several discussions over the months have brought up combination units. As previously said... We are lucky to see two 'unit types' combined, let alone three. Of course we would like to see combination units, but sometimes certain features would make the game a bit too easy.

    I understand some want more realistic units/missions etc (myself included), but we can't have everything. Little things every now and again will have to do :thumbup:

    I too have a rather large setup, yet these earthquake missions are a big pain. Like was said above, for some reason most upgrade to a major earthquake... || If you get a bunch of these earthquake missions at the same time, you soon run out of beds. That then causes you to release patients on scene, resulting in a much smaller payout (hence credit earned is still too low).

    I like the idea of making the earthquake a possible event you can start (like storms). Remove all mission versions of the earthquake, and simply have an event that generates earthquake related missions. Would eliminate a lot of the issues if nothing is done about the frequency :thumbsup:

    There has been a fair bit of discussion lately about how the forest/wildfire missions are very rare to generate. That to me sounds as if they control the percentage chance of a mission appearing, therefore the frequency of earthquake missions need to be reduced dramatically. :thumbsup:

    Nearly all other missions have times where they don't seem to appear, yet I am constantly seeing earthquakes. Why are there so many? If anything, they should be some of the rarest missions, given not everywhere sees them - and they are unlikely to be of high magnitude very often. So, can these missions please be addressed?

    Something I thought would be the way to do things, but it hasn't been setup that way... :D

    When you have the option to speed up a station expansion, or finish a class early at an academy with coins - coin price should decrease over time. So for example... If you wish to speed it up instantly, then it's 10 coins. But if there's only 3 hours to go, it will cost you just 2 coins. Or something along those lines. Could this be considered?

    Today (June 1st) officially marks 6 months since we started running the alliance - our first major milestone!

    We may not be as big in terms of numbers as some of the other alliances, but the members we do have are some of the very best out there - and you can join that list of valuable contributors too. With major setups in California, New York, Florida, Texas, and more... We are sure you will enjoy being with a respectful and reliable bunch of people with a strong passion for the game.

    So, have you ever considered joining an alliance but just wasn't sure if you should? Look no further, apply and join us today!

    Has he recently used staging areas? Myself and others in my alliance have been experiencing issues for several weeks now. A handful of units for some reason like to stick around at the staging area, even though it is no longer there.

    The fix is to either find a mission that is close to the staging area, not the station it should be at. Alternatively, you will need to swap that unit with another at a different station - allowing your missing unit to then 'reappear'. Hope this helps... :thumbup:

    Some may have varying views on this topic, but worth a discussion.

    Lifeguards respond to possible life threatening emergencies on a daily basis, and nearby ems units are usually called in to assist if it's serious.

    Until now, I've just made lifeguard stations out of the existing fire/ems stations that we have... But there are limitations :|

    The developers could make this into a rather significant update, such things could include:

    • [NEW BUILDING/EXPANSION] lifeguard station/tower
    • beach related medical emergency missions
    • petty crime police missions
    • [NEW VEHICLE] ATV vehicle and/or trailer
    • [NEW VEHICLE] jet ski and/or trailer
    • existing utility to be available for purchase

    I'm sure this has been suggested in the past, but it's worth bringing up again...

    Can we have the ability to divert an ambulance to a different hospital after you have selected the initial destination hospital? I have occasionally clicked on the wrong one, and sent it on a little holiday... Just a little button could solve this problem. Would also avoid any frustration when you realise where you've just sent your unit :D

    Trailers are definitely something that should be added... Foam units would be rather cool - again, something needed. They could have a chance of being required at aircraft crashes, industrial fires, tanker spills, commercial fires etc.

    Hopefully the remaining wildfire content can be added soon, so that they can iron out lots of small errors and focus on other new content :thumbup:

    Would definitely like to see police command and water police added. Not sure if they are already on the list of things to eventually be added, but both have been mentioned several times :thumbsup:

    As for police supervisor, a new unit could be added... But, you could always just rename an existing patrol car for now.

    Forensics is similar to the tow truck suggestion, it's more of an 'after' service. Therefore, it is unlikely to be added. Negotiator, cool idea... 8)