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    That's a pretty cool idea, we have asked the developers about it, but back then discord communities wasn't that big so unfortunately the idea was trashed, But we'll give it a try

    I understand the concern, however since this falls under the category of a statement, I'm going to disable comments to prevent any unnecessary arguments from breaking out. Secondly, majority of the feature the author of this thread requested was already brought up to the developers after other alliance was getting hit with major Storm & Custom mission spamming since months. if you haven't noticed, Any player with admin permission can delete "custom" mission (No coins will be refunded).

    Thank you

    - Buggs

    I understand that not everyone is happy about these "Buy coin" tasks, unfortunately it's not a bug. missionchief is owned by a reputed company and decisions like this are made by the marketing staff, from a players perspective it might not look fair but the game has to generate income. I do personally think maybe they can change it so that completing like 8 out of 10 tasks is enough to get the final reward or something similar. Again, I understand the concern, if you guys can come up with some suggestions, it'd be great.

    If a prisoner or a patient is stuck in a prison or hospital, Please message the game support directly!

    Make sure you include the following details in your request:

    Type: (Patient or Prisoner)

    Building Link: (Web link to the building, you can obtain it by long pressing on the building name via the browser version)

    if you need any further assistance, feel free to create a new thread or DM me.

    Sorry for the trouble caused, we're looking into this issue now.

    We've restored the service and everything should be running smoothly again, Thank you for the reports and holding tight!

    Every version is different, I personally haven't heard much about any of SO's or state police with mountain police/horses, there might be a few but atm the developers are not interested in adding Everything. However, Police transport van is a useful and realistic idea 👍

    You are quite immature, if you think just because we're not replying indicates you are right. Every single member of this forum team are in the position they are because they are actually capable of doing their job. If you don't like the the way this forum run then you better stop opening it. unfortunately I'm not knowledgeable of any option to delete an account, especially since the forum was updated like a few days ago.

    Again, This is not a place for you to insult others.

    We can not consider something as a bug as long as it's not reproducible. I wasted around 300k testing this but I understand 100k means alot to a new player but unfortunately refunds are only initiated for coins.