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    It was and currently is https://

    To my knowledge missionchief's domain have an SSL certificate and there shouldn't be any security issues. Can you try refreshing or open in a new tab?

    Missionchief is now owned by a company, no longer by a single person. I understand that in past forum suggestions wasn't really considered by the developer, but after xyrality acquired the game, things suggested in this forum are considered for future updates. We moderators and some people in real-life emergency services filter suggestions and we directly pass them to the developers. But everything takes time, and rn there are some priorities things which are being worked on. So, please don't think everything will be "Brushed off".

    If you have any questions do feel free to reach out!

    I understand your frustrations guys. The devs are working as hard as they can to make it stable but our servers themselves are struggling. Works are in progress, it unfortunately just takes time

    Dear players,

    Unfortunately, a problem with Google Maps came up that leads to a crash of the Android app.
    This problem is not only affecting us and more information on it can be found here:

    Currently one recommended solution is to delete the application data of the app. Please do as follows:

    1. Navigate to settings of your smartphone
    2. Tap on Apps
    3. Select Game
    4. Storage
    5. Clear Data

    (There can be deviations of the steps depending on smartphone and Android version.)

    To fix this issue permanently please update your Missionchief app, we have rolled out a new update that resolves this issue.

    I apologize on behalf of the team for any inconveniences caused.

    Thank you for understanding!

    It is unfortunate that it's happening frequently. Essentially due to the Stay at home orders, aka Look down a lot of new users are starting to play the game moreover alliances are a lot more active and growing which is affecting the servers but the devs are working on the best way to upgrade it for future scaling. So, unfortunately, there may be at times where lag/server crashes occurs I do apologize for the inconvenience on behalf of the team.

    Like you mentioned, there's a high chance of this feature being abused, but these missions should be limited to the user himself, otherwise, if the user decides to name missions inappropriately and share it with the alliance it's gonna cause problems. Other than that the idea sounds good to me

    Hey, There been a lot of PM Advertisings / PM Recruiting going on, and we all are regardless about it since there's nothing we can do to stop it. I'd be appreciated if a developer / administrator could find a solution for this or at least explain if it's against the TOS or not?

    I believe he's been inactive because some real life things, but I need a confirmation from a Developer/ Adminstrator
    Thanks for replying though.

    MC Username: Buggs
    U.S National Dispatch Co-Admin,

    Recently I saw a button on Show Alliance ( Welcome page ) the button was " Take over alliance " I just wondered and clicked it , that gave me a Response that " You taked over alliance". when I checked I got admin permission, and I'm able to manage every person including admin, we admins are highly concerned about this bug and if a member finds this bug as they will be able to destroy the alliance beyond recovery, we're asking immediate fix on this


    Name/Type of Mission: Hostel Fire ( Minor)

    Units Required: 5 Engines , 2 HRV , 2 Platform truck , 1 Battalion chief

    POI Required (Use "none" if not needed): none

    Patients: 6 - 9
    Prisoners: 0

    Credit reward: 1200 - 2600

    (May expand to)

    Name/Type of Mission: Hostel Fire (Major)

    Units Required: 7 Fire Engines , 4 Heavy Rescue , 3 Platform , 2 Water Tanker , 2 Battalion chief , 1 Hazmat
    POI Required (Use "none" if not needed): none

    Patients: 6-9

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit reward: 5400 - 6800