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    Name/Type of Mission: Establish Landing zone

    Units Required: 1 HEMS, and 1 Engine

    Patients: 1

    Credit Reward: 1034 (figured to double the Patient Treatment and Transfer for the HEMS requirement)

    It is very much like the new patient transfer missions but with an HEMS.

    I would love to have the mission requirements actually on the mission. Very much how it does it with a mission that is underway. (with the " Needed vehicles:..."
    This way you don't force the player to really dig for what they need to send. It would make it easier to play off on mobile, as I have tried at times.

    So I have noticed that you can not transfer staff at a police aviation site to a police station. However, you can pull these staff members and put them into any police academy course. So why can we not transfer them?
    My issue is I stupidly trained some of them as SWAT and I would love to transfer them out and into a station that I'm trying to build a team.