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    Name/Type of Mission: Commercial Fire Confirmed with MCI(with multiple alarm upgrades throughout 1-9 Alarms) Event type

    Units Required:
    Initial Alarm
    2 BC
    1 HR
    1 MCV
    1 Mobile Air Unit
    4 Patrol
    5 Ambulance

    2nd and 3rd Alarm
    3 Engines
    1 Ladder
    1 BC
    4 Patrol
    5 Ambulances
    1 Mass Casualty Unit

    4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Alarms
    3 Engines
    1 Ladder
    1 BC
    1 HR (only on the 4th Alarm, 7th Alarms)
    4 Patrol
    5 Ambulance
    1 MCV
    1 Mobile Air Unit (only on the 4th Alarm, 7th Alarms)

    8th and 9th Alarm
    3 Engine
    1 Ladder
    4 Patrol
    5 Ambulances

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed):

    Patients: 75 with 100% of 45 transports


    Credit Reward: 22,500-45,000

    Duration 15 hours

    The number of Alarms can be Random, or can be set in the Event Planning

    I feel as if this has been brought up in the past, however nothing was really clear...

    In the mean time, I suggest you consider not transporting all your patients to a hospital. Yes they might request transport, but you technically don't actually need to transport them. There's only a 250 credit difference between the two :thumbsup:

    But when you do 250+ transports per day that over 50K worth of credits that you're not getting

    I don't know if this has been brought up in the past. I tried searching for it but no results. Is with the small fire station, is allowing to have 1 expansion upgrade under the small fire station. The reason for this, is I don't need 40 slots, and most realistic fire station don't have more than 3 units in large urban cities in the US. If you need more than more one expansion upgrade, then yeah make it where we have to upgrade to the full fire station.

    It can become a triage system. It happens all the time. The paramedic stabilizes a patient, then moves onto another patient until more helps get there. Especially in rural area's with limited resources.

    I've seen Cascade Air Trailers before(Mobile Air Units). I think it is mainly a US thing.

    Also, I seen someone asking about a Ladder/Rescue. Some of the departments in the US have their ladder companies carry rescue equipment as as dual purpose unit. Because they tend to be longer and able to accommodate with the extra storage space.(From the department I've seen with Dual Ladder/Rescue Equipment)

    This post isn't to complain about the price for the station after station 25. I had seen in one of the post an algorithm for how the station prices were calculated. I was curious if anyone could help me out with that.

    I was thinking to help make the game more realistic. Is having a Maintenance Building to provide standard maintenance and repairs on units as they get higher mileage. This would give us an option to put them in reserves, and buy new units.

    This building could be expandable to so many slots, and of course have multiple ones to take as you get more units in your fleet.

    This would be a different aspect of the game that would allow us to manage when one of the units break down during a response.

    I know my buddy can fill up his 3 hospital with in 4 hours. Then his closest allied hospital are over an hour away, and can't get alliances building until they fulfilled alliances requirements.

    So having a slightly reduce time for beds to get back with each expansion you get(3 mins off per expansion and 3 mins off with a fully expanded hospital), along with more beds(not crazy more maybe 10-15).

    This would be my suggestion, it doesn't make it easy are first, but rewards people who invest in a hospital.

    I am not sure if this has been suggested or not. I am trying to build up my primary mission area, but also have one station in a busy area that only has 3 truck in another state. I would like to have the ability to cut mission off for that station so I can focus on my primary area while just sending my trucks in the other station on assist mission.

    @TACRfan, I totally understand your view point, and Appreciate the feedback. It never hurts to ask. I wonder if maybe in the future we could designate trucks the way we want them. I.e. set up a Ladder as Dual purpose Rescue/Ladder or Engine/Water Tanker trucks with rescue tools(Was on a vol. department that had a truck like that)

    I am not sure if this has been suggest or not,

    I've been around a few different Regions in the US. Some of the Ladder trucks have some light rescue capabilities (I.e. Jaws of life Equipment). I was curious if anyone has suggest MVA's have a ladder attached to it for some of the mission to have a quick extraction of a victim from a vehicle, with the possibility of it upgrading it for a HR to come on scene for a complete vehicle stabilization because it over a cliff.


    I was curious what kind of calls happen with alliance events?

    I know with Civil disturbances you have a bunch of Police and Medical call. I would like to start an event in my area that deals primarily with Fire since it suits my current build.

    I don't know if this has been suggested or not. I was curious if we could have an incident filter button. The past few days we have had some major riots in our alliance which is great, and I have fun responding to call in the mist of the chaos. It does become challenging trying to find certain types of calls when majority of them are not what suits your game build.

    Can we get a filter that separates Fire/EMS/Police responses

    I know some have all 3 but, that is when they are in each filter.

    Just was wanting to know if this was possible.