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    My idea for a possible new POI is "Retail Unit" with a big and small version like we already have for supermarkets. These would be good additions for areas with many shops such as high-streets and retail parks.

    There could be a number of missions available for these such as retail unit fire (with a possible major incident version), anti social behaviour/drunk and disorderly, lost child, shoplifting, assault on security guard, security alarm activation...and any more that anyone can think of

    There's two possible POI's that I think should be added; "Rail Bridge" and "Bridge Over Railway". Both of these are in Nearly every village, town and city in the country.

    Calls for Rail Bridge could include "Vehicle struck rail bridge", "Rail bridge collapse", as well as the existing train derailment and embankment fire calls.

    Calls for Bridge Over Railway could include "Vehicle crashed onto railway", "objects thrown onto rail line", "fallen tree blocking line", as we as the existing derailment, embankment fire, welfare check and person under train calls.

    Not sure if this has been suggested before... But my idea is to have a helipad expansion added to hospitals. I think it would be good to work the same as the other hospital expansions and give extra credits if the hospital you send your helimed to has a helipad. For players such as myself who prefer to have a bit of realism I think it would add to this by forcing you to send critically ill patients further away to receive specialist treatment without have to send an ambulance away for long journeys.

    Looking for an alliance without being forced to ask before you build a new station?

    Then Scottish Emergency Dispatch may be the place for you!

    We are a new alliance based in Scotland, but anyone from around the world is free to join and cover whatever area they choose. You are allowed to build any building you like (provided it is a real location) the only condition is you can't send duplicate units to calls

    Example: If player 1 has sent "station A, unit 1" to a call. You can send "station A, unit 2" but not unit 1.

    Sound easy? Great

    So if that all sounds good, you are welcome to join regardless of age, race, gender or religion. And while you're at it tell your friends, tell your mother, tell your dog, even tell the postman.

    I hope to see you sometime soon.

    With thanks,